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Asus Essence One Series User Manual page 10

Hi-fi usb dac (digital-to-analog converter)
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Signal Management
4-Layer Hyper grounding with balanced design
4 layer PCB board for separating Digital and Analog signals on different grounds
and heat source. Not only are the analog and digital signals are on different layers,
it is sandwiched in between multiple ground layers to further prevent signal
Asynchronous data transfer
PC uses a different clock system than E3 and hence a buffer will monitor the data
speed such that when the PC clock is firing too fast, this is regulated and the data
transfer feed is adjusted to slow down. This greatly improves the precision of digital
audio and provides more detail with less listening fatigue.
384kHz/ 24Bit 8X Upsampling Technology
While common upsampling USB DACs just transfer whatever audio source to
192kHz indistinguishably, Essence One Series upsamples 44.1/88.2 /176.4kHz input
to 352.8kHz and 48/96/192kHz input to 384kHz in a symmetrical way, preserving
the originality of your music collection. It also upsamples bit-rate to 32bit
corresponding to the original contents. (Note: 44.1x8=352.8kHz; 48x8=384kHz)
• Sample rate is the number of samples of audio carried per second,
measured in Hz or kHz (one kHz being 1,000 Hz). The more samples per
second (the higher the "sample rate"), the better the quality.
• Bit rate measures how much data is transmitted in a given amount of
time. The higher the bit rate, the higher the quality of the audio playback
and the larger the file.
• Upsampling is the process of increasing the sampling rate of a signal.
For instance, upsampling raster images such as photographs means
increasing the resolution of the image.
• Therefore, upsampling both sample rate and bit rate will make your
audio source sound clearer.
Custom Resistor with high temperature and heat tolerance
0.1% tolerance and high tolerance for temperature changes with +/-0.5ppm/Celsius
with ultra-low noise and better stability.
DC Servo to reducing DC biasing:
The DC servo design helps to reduce decoupling and this helps to extend bass
performance with richer and deeper sounds.
Ease of Use & Customization
DSD Support
DSD Support for USB 2.0
ASUS Essence One Series



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