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Nike FuelBand User Manual

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Nike+ FuelBand



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  • Page 1 Nike+ FuelBand...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    View Your Results Technical Specifications Progress Toward Your Daily Goal Brightness Service and Support Warnings Customizing the Display Warranty Connect to Mobile Device Compliance Information Bluetooth Pairing Sync Activity Using the Nike+ FuelBand App Airplane Mode The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 3: Welcome

    Welcome Welcome to your Nike+ FuelBand, a device that measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. NikeFuel reflects your level of effort throughout the day. It’s calculated the same way for everyone, so you can compare and compete with friends and other Nike+ members. Plug your Nike+ FuelBand into your computer’s USB port or sync wirelessly through Bluetooth with our...
  • Page 4: Overview

    Overview Screen Goal Progress Link Button Clasp The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 5: Set Up

    Getting Started Set Up You’ll need to set up your Nike+ FuelBand before you use it. To get started, open an internet browser on your computer and go to 1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL NIke+ CONNeCT The Nike+ Connect software allows you to sync your data to Nike+, customize your settings, and set your daily NikeFuel goal.
  • Page 6 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Take your Nike+ FuelBand out of the box and plug it into a USB port on your computer. You can also use the USB cable that came in the box (see page 2 1 for how to assemble and use the USB cable and stand).
  • Page 7 Your Nike+ FuelBand needs to charge completely. The battery icon on the Nike+ FuelBand display will fill to indicate the level of your battery’s charge. Once your battery is charged, unplug Nike+ FuelBand from your computer, put it on, and get moving! The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 8: Adjusting Your Fit

    Adjusting Your Fit NIke+ FUeLBAND IS DeSIGNeD TO Be WORN ON YOUR WRIST Your Nike+ FuelBand comes with two extender links—an 8mm link that’s already inserted in the band and an extra 16mm link. You can add or remove the links to make the fit looser or tighter.
  • Page 9 ReMOVING LINkS Insert the pin on the Sizing Tool into the hole on Nike+ FuelBand. (If you no longer have a Sizing Tool, a bent paperclip will also work.) Push down until you feel the link release. Push the pin into the hole on the 8mm link to release it from the clasp.
  • Page 10: Display

    Display The LeD display on your Nike+ FuelBand lets you view results, check progress and access advanced features with the press of a button. Note: When the Nike+ FuelBand is connected to a PC or wall charger, the button becomes inactive.
  • Page 11: Progress Toward Your Daily Goal

    It will start each day with a single red light and a flashing green light that represents your daily NikeFuel goal. As your activity increases, Nike+ FuelBand will light up to yellow, then turn to green. When you fill all the green lights, you’ve hit your Daily Goal.
  • Page 12: Warnings

    When the internal memory on the Nike+ FuelBand reaches 100% capacity, “MeM FULL ” displays on the first button press followed by the plug icon. To clear the memory, just sync your Nike+ FuelBand activity to your Nike+ account.
  • Page 13: Customizing The Display

    Customizing the Display CUSTOMIze NIke+ FUeLBAND DISPLAY USING NIke+ CONNeCT The Customize Tab on Nike+ Connect allows you to add and remove items from your Nike+ FuelBand display. Click the “ADVANCeD” button on Nike+ Connect to access the following advanced display preferences: •...
  • Page 14 Plug into a computer running the Nike+ Connect software to set your Nike+ FuelBand’s date and time. Nike+ FuelBand will automatically be set to the time and date on that computer. To set the time manually, click on the Time and Date tab, then click “manually set the time and date”...
  • Page 15: Connect To Mobile Device

    Connect to Mobile Device Get the free Nike+ FuelBand mobile app to track your progress and get extra motivation on the go. You can even sync wirelessly. Available for iOS4 and above in the Apple iT unes Store. Check for compatibility with other handsets.
  • Page 16: Sync Activity Using The Nike+ Fuelband App

    Sync Activity Using the Nike+ FuelBand App The first time you open the Nike+ FuelBand app, it will prompt you to sign in to your Nike+ account associated with Nike+FuelBand. You must sign in in order for your activity to sync to Nike+.
  • Page 17: 7 Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode Airplane mode allows you to turn off wireless connectivity in accordance with airline regulations. Simply press the button until you see the airplane image. Then, quick press to toggle the mode on and off. The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 18: T Rack Your Progress

    Nike+ Connect will queue your activity from Nike+ FuelBand for upload at a later time, and will clear your Nike+ FuelBand’s memory so you can record more activity. You won’t see this activity on until you’ve successfully established an Internet connection.
  • Page 19: Changing Your Daily Goal

    You can increase or decrease your daily activity goal any time from your Nike+ Connect software. You can also change your daily goal using the Nike+ FuelBand app. To do so, go to “Me” > “Settings” > “Daily Goal, ” or simply tap on your NikeFuel score on the app’s home screen.
  • Page 20: View Progress And Achievements

    ReCORDS Nike+ keeps track of your best day, best week, best month, and longest streak. MILeSTONeS Nike+ rewards your success over time with Time Milestones, and your Fuel accomplishments with Fuel Milestones. The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 21: Maintenance

    Fig. 4 FULL BATTERY You can charge your Nike+ FuelBand by connecting it to your computer’s USB port. Fig. 1 The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 22: Updating Nike+ Fuelband

    Updating the Nike+ FuelBand each time you plug Nike+ FuelBand into the USB port on your computer, Nike+ Connect will check for new firmware (updates for your Nike+ FuelBand). When new updates are available, a message in Nike+ Connect will prompt you to accept the update.
  • Page 23: Resetting Nike+ Fuelband

    Resetting Nike+ FuelBand ReSeT “Reset” on the Nike+ FuelBand will reboot the device. The band will save all your settings and results. hold the Nike+ FuelBand button down until you see “ReSeT” RESET RESETTING SWOOSH Release the button and quickly press it again. “ReSeT” will blink.
  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    Thickness: 0.27 in (6.90 mm) at LeDs, 0.32 in (8.00 mm) at latch Nike+ FuelBand comes with two easy to insert links so you can fine tune your fit: 0.32 in (8 mm) and 0.63 in ( 1 6 mm) WeIGhT Small: 0.95 oz (27 g)
  • Page 25 Your Nike+ FuelBand should stay charged for up to four days. WATeR ReSISTANCe The Nike+ FuelBand is water resistant. It is safe to wear in the shower or when dancing in the rain. Since it’s not waterproof, it’s not recommended for use while swimming.
  • Page 26: Service And Support

    This warranty does not apply to consumable parts, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship. *In european countries, Nike means Nike european Operations Netherlands B. V . located at Colosseum 1, 1213 NL hilversum, The Netherlands. The Nike+ FuelBand User’s Guide...
  • Page 27: Compliance Information

    EU (European Union): Declaration of Conformity with antenna or transmitter. Regard to the EU Directive 1995/5/EC English: Hereby, Nike, declares that this Nike+ FuelBand is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. This product contains a battery that is not user accessible.

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