John Lewis JLWM 1604 Instruction Manual: End Of Programme; Helpful Hints And Tips

1600 spin washing machine.
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End of programme

At the end of the programme, the washing
machine stops automatically, the button 9
light and the Door lock light go off. The
display shows a flashing zero «0". It is
possible to open the door.
If you had selected an option that ends with
water left in the tub the Door lock light
remains lit to indicate that the water must
be drained before opening the door.
To drain or to spin follow the below
Turn the programme selector dial to
Select the draining or spinning
Reduce the spin speed if needed, by
pressing the relevant button.
Stand by : once the programme has
finished after a few minutes the energy
saving system will be enabled. The
Helpful hints and tips
Sorting out the laundry
Follow the wash code symbols on each
garment label and the manufacturer's
washing instructions. Sort the laundry as
follows: whites, coloureds, synthetics,
delicates, woollens.
Before loading the
Never wash whites and coloureds together.
Whites may lose their «whiteness" in the
Press button 9.
At the end of the programme, the door can
be now opened. Turn the programme
selector dial to Off to switch the machine
Remove the laundry from the drum. Check
whether the drum is completely empty, by
rotating it with your hand. The purpose of
this is to prevent any items of laundry from
remaining accidentally in the drum, where
they might get damaged in a subsequent
wash (e.g. by shrinking) or bleed colour into
another load of laundry.
If you do not intend to carry out another
wash, close the water tap. Leave the door
open to prevent the formation of mildew
and unpleasant smells.
brightness of the display is reduced. By
pressing any button the appliance will come
out of the energy saving status.
New coloured items may run in the first
wash; they should therefore be washed
separately the first time.
Make sure that no metal objects are
left in the laundry (e.g. hair clips,
safety pins, pins).
Button up pillowcases, close zip fasteners,
hooks and poppers. Tie any belts or long
Remove persistent stains before washing.
Rub particularly soiled areas with a special
detergent or detergent paste.
Treat curtains with special care. Remove
hooks or tie them up in a bag or net.

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