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Car cd/mp3 player / rds receiver with usb interface, sd/mmc interface
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- An MP3 directory is shown in this manual as "Folder", and an MP3 file is shown as "Track".
- Maximum length of track name : 16 characters
- Maximum length of folder name : 16 characters
- Maximum depth of folder levels : 8
- Maximum number of tracks per disc : 448
- Maximum number of folders per disc : 128
- Supported Bit Rates & Sampling Frequencies:
Bit Rates:
Sampling Frequencies:
MPEG1 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz
MPEG2 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz and 16KHz/22.05KHz/24KHz
- Multi Session Recording is supported(CD-R, CD-RW only)
- Supports CD, CDR and CDRW.
- Disc written by Packet Write (UDF) is not supported.
Loading MP3 File (CD, MMC/SD/USB Drive)
Insert the MP3 as usual, if it is an MP3 device, the LCD will show "MP3 xxx" after displaying the total track number,
where "xxx" is the total number of folders, then playback will start, beginning at first track in the first folder. The
"MP3" icon on the LCD will turn on.
During MP3 play, the following information will be shown on the LCD repetitively in the following order, the
corresponding icon will also turn on to help the user identify the message:
1. Current Track Number & Time Elapse of current track.
2. Current Folder Name.
3. Current Track Name.
If the disc is ID3 compatible, the following items will also be shown, otherwise they will be skipped.
4. Music Name
5. Album Name
6. Artist Name
Each item will last for about 5 seconds.
Navigating through folders and tracks
There are four way to select your favorite folder/tracks.
1. By Track Up/Down Button
Press track up/down button to skip the current tracks or Press 10 track up (M6) or 10 track down
button(M5) to skip 10 tracks at one time.
Using MP3 Search Button
2. Searching by track
Pressing the MP3 Search Button once will turn on track search mode, the LCD will show "TRK SCH". If no
action is taken for about 5 seconds, normal play will resume.
At Track Search mode, press Enter Button once, the display will show "001", use Volume up/down Control to
select the desired track.
The track number can be either 1-digit, 2-digit or 3-digit. They are selected by the following procedures.
A. 1-Digit track number
After selecting the desired track number, press Enter Button for more than 1 second to confirm,
playback will start.
B. 2-Digit and 3-Digit track number
Enter the right-most digit first (for example, if the track number is 123, enter "3" first, following by "2" and
"1"), then press Enter Button for less than 1 second to shift the number by one digit, repeat this
procedure until all digits has been entered. Long press Enter Button for more than 1 seconds to start playing.
If a wrong track number is entered, press AMS button to clear the digits. Then enter the correct number .
3. Searching by folder
While the LCD is showing "TRK SCH", press MP3 Search Button one more time, the LCD changes to "FILE
SCH", the unit is at Folder Search mode, if no action is taken for about 5 seconds, normal play will resume.
At Folder Search mode, press Enter Button once, the first folder will be shown, use Volume up/down Control to
scroll through all folders. When the desired folder is found, press the Enter Button long to start playing the first
track under selected folder, or press the Enter Button short less than 1 seconds to display the tracks or folders
under this folder. Repeat this procedure to navigate through the folders up to 8 levels deep.
During folder search, not only folders are shown but also the tracks, but they can be easily identified because
they have their own icon display on LCD.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents