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Installation Guide


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  • Page 1

    Installation Guide...

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Install the mounting bracket so that it can sufficiently support the mass of the projector and mounting bracket, and resist any horizontal vibration. Use M8 nuts and bolts. Nuts and bolts smaller than M8 could cause the mounting bracket to fall. Epson takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by incorrect installation.

  • Page 3

    Inspect the mounting bracket on a regular basis to ensure there are no broken parts or loose screws. If there are any broken parts, stop using the mounting bracket immediately. If the mounting bracket or projector falls, it could cause personal injury or property damage.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    (1) Install the wall plate on the wall (2) Determine the projection distance and pull out the slider (3) Attach the mounting bracket to the wall plate (4) Secure the projector to the mounting bracket (5) Connect the power cable and other cables to the projector...

  • Page 5: Package Contents

    For installing wall plate cover washer Use the bolts supplied with the mounting bracket to install it, as directed in this guide. Do not substitute these bolts with any other types. Use commercially available M8 x 50 mm anchors (at least 3) or 8 x 80 mm lag bolts (at least 3) to attach the wall plate to the wall.

  • Page 6: Specifications

    Horizontal slide adjustment range ± 45 mm Refer to the figure (1.77 in.) below Wall plate [Unit: mm (in.)] Mounting bracket adjustment range Forward/backward slide adjustment range: Horizontal slide adjustment range: 0 to 300 mm (11.81 in.) ± 45 mm (1.77 in.)

  • Page 7: Connecting Devices

    3.Connecting Devices Prepare a power cable, computer cable, USB cable, and so on at the location where the mounting bracket is to be installed. Prepare all necessary cables for devices, such as a document camera or microphone, that you will connect to the projector.

  • Page 8: Projection Distance Table

    4. Projection Distance Table Refer to the table below and install the mounting bracket and projector to project images at an appropriate size on the projection surface. The values are only rough estimates. The recommended range for the projection distance (a) is 7 to 37 cm (2.76 to 14.57 in.).

  • Page 9

    Unit: mm (in.) Screen Projection Distance Height of Interactive Aspect Ratio Size Distance Between Projection Whiteboard Minimum Projection Surface (Wide) Surface and Wall Plate 63" 71 (2.80) 175 (6.89) 960 (37.80) Hitachi StarBoard FX-63 64" 79 (3.11) 177 (6.97) 975 (38.39) SMART Board 660 Promethean ActivBoard 164 70"...

  • Page 10: Installation Procedure

    5. Installation Procedure Make sure to follow the steps below to install the mounting bracket. If you ignore these steps, the mounting bracket could fall and cause personal injury or property damage. The maximum combined mass of the mounting bracket and the projector is approximately 15.2 kg (33.5 lb).

  • Page 11: Determine The Projection Distance And Pull Out The Slider

    Warning ❏ When you mount the projector on the wall with the mounting bracket, the wall needs to be strong enough to hold the projector and the mounting bracket. Confirm the mass of the projector and the mounting bracket before installation, and maintain the strength of the wall.

  • Page 12: Attach The Mounting Bracket To The Wall Plate

    (2) Lift up the mounting bracket and pass the cables through it ( Caution Take care not to trap the cables between the mounting bracket and wall plate. (3) Tighten the two M8 x 15 mm hexagon socket head cap bolts and two M8 x 35 mm hexagon...

  • Page 13: Connect The Power Cable And Other Cables To The Projector

    (2) Insert the slide plate into the mounting bracket from the interface side of the projector ( Align the marks on the projector and the mounting bracket ( M5 x 12 mm hexagon Side plate socket head cap bolts (2)

  • Page 14: Adjusting The Projection Screen

    6. Adjusting the Projection Screen To ensure maximum projection screen quality, follow the steps below to adjust the projection screen. Do not make adjustments with the Keystone function of the projector. Doing so may result in a reduction in image quality. Turn on the projector Using Remote Control Using Control Panel...

  • Page 15: Adjust The Focus

    Adjust the focus (1) Move the air filter cover lever to open the air filter cover. (2) Use the focus lever to adjust the focus. Air filter cover Focus lever (3) After you finish making the adjustment, close the air filter cover. Use the top adjustment dial to adjust the vertical tilt Repeat steps as necessary.

  • Page 16: Use The Right Adjustment Dial To Adjust The Horizontal Rotation

    Use the right adjustment dial to adjust the horizontal rotation (1) Loosen the two screws that correspond to the right adjustment dial ( (2) Turn the adjustment dial to adjust the horizontal rotation ( (3) After you finish making all of the adjustments in steps , tighten the two screws you loosened in Use the left adjustment dial to adjust the horizontal roll...

  • Page 17: Adjust The Vertical Slide

    Adjust the vertical slide with the two M8 x 35 mm hexagon socket head cap bolts at the bottom of the mounting bracket. Tightening the bolts raises the mounting bracket, and loosening them lowers it. The projection screen is raised or lowered accordingly.

  • Page 18: Attach The Cable Cover To The Projector

    7. Attaching the Covers Attach the wall plate cover and end cap (1) Secure the wall plate cover with the two M4 x 12 mm hexagon socket head cap bolts ( Depending on how the cables are wired, you may need to cut out parts of the wall plate cover to allow the cables to be passed through it.

  • Page 19

    ❏ Do not hang on the mounting bracket or hang a heavy object on the mounting bracket. If the projector or mounting bracket falls, it could cause personal injury or property damage. 8. Appendix...

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