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Assembly/Tensioning Chain; Lubrication; Starting And Stopping; Switching On And Off - Bosch AKE 30 S Original Instructions Manual

Bosch chain saw original instructions
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Assembly/Tensioning Chain

Do not connect the chain saw to mains be-
fore it is completely assembled.
Always use gloves when handling the chain.
Chain and chain bar Assembly
A1 A2 A3
1. Unpack all parts carefully.
2. Place the chain saw on any suitable flat surface.
3. Slide the chain 9 in the slot around the chain
bar 10. Ensure chain is in correct running direc-
tion by comparing with chain symbol 21.
4. Fit the chain onto the drive sprocket 19 and guide
the chain bar 10, so that the fastening bolt 20 and
the two guide fins 23 fit into the keyway of the
chain bar 10, and that the chain tensioning
peg 24 fits into the respective hole of the chain
bar 10. If necessary, turn the tensioning knob 14
to bring tensioning peg 24 in alignment with the
hole in the chain bar 10. Check if all parts are
seated properly and hold chain and chain bar in a
level position. (see figure
5. Turn the tensioning knob 14 until all the slack is
taken up in the chain.
6. Fit cover plate 13. (see figure
7. Handtighten locking knob 12 on fastening bolt 20.
(see figure
If too tight then the chain can lose tension
during use.
The locking knob must only lightly clamp
the chain bar.
Tensioning chain
A1 A2 A3 C
Always check the chain tension before use, after the
first cuts and regularly during use, approx. every
10 minutes. Upon initial operation, new chains can
lengthen considerably.
The chain life of the saw chain mainly depends upon
sufficient lubrication and correct tensioning.
Avoid tensioning the chain if it is hot, as this will
cause the chain to become overtensioned when it
cools down.
1. Place the chain saw on any suitable flat surface.
2. Check if the chain links are correctly located in the
slot around the chain bar 10 and drive sprocket 19.
3. Loosen locking knob 12 until it is just holding
chain bar in position (do not remove!).
4. Turn tensioning knob 14 clockwise until the cor-
rect chain tension is reached. The turning action
forces the chain bar 10 forward via the chain ten-
sioning peg 24.
5. The correct chain tension is reached when the
chain 9 can be raised approx. 5 – 10 mm from the
chain bar in the centre. This should be done by
using one hand to raise the chain against the
weight of the machine.
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6. If the chain 9 is overtensioned, slightly turn the
7. Handtighten locking knob 12 on fastening bolt 20.
Chain life and cutting capacity depend on optimum
lubrication. Therefore, the chain is automatically
oiled during operation via the oil outlet 22.
Filling oil tank:
– Set chain saw on any suitable surface with oil filler
– Clean area around the oil filler cap 4 with cloth,
– Add Bosch biodegradable chain saw oil until res-
– Avoid dirt or debris entering oil tank, refit oil filler
It is important to use only the recommended bi-
odegradable oil to avoid damage to the chain
saw. Never use recycled/old oil. Use of non ap-
proved oil will invalidate the warranty.
Observe the correct mains voltage! The voltage
of the power source must agree with the value given
on the nameplate of the machine. Machines desig-
nated for 230 V can also be operated with 220 V.

Switching On and Off

Hold chain saw as described in "Cutting".
For switching on the machine, press the lock-off
button 3, then fully press the On/Off switch 2 and
hold in this position. The lock-off button 3 can now
be released.
English - 5
tensioning knob 14 anti-clockwise and re-check
chain tension. Re-adjust chain tension as de-
scribed if necessary.
If too tight then the chain can lose tension
during use.
The locking knob must only lightly clamp
the chain bar.


Important: The chain saw is not supplied
filled with oil. It is essential to fill with oil
before use. Never operate the chain saw
without chain oil or at an empty oil tank
level, as this will result in extensive dam-
age to the product.
cap 4 facing upward.
unscrew cap.
ervoir is full.
cap 4 and tighten.
Important: To allow venting of the oil res-
ervoir,small breather channels are pro-
vided between the oil filler cap, to prevent
leakage ensure machine is left in a hori-
zontal position (oil filler cap 4 uppermost)
when not in use.

Starting and Stopping

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Table of Contents

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