NEC i-Series Quick Reference Manual

Soft key multibutton telephone
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Soft Key

Multibutton Telephone
Quick Reference Guide
April 2001
Printed in the U.S.A. (2562)


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  • Page 1: Soft Key

    Soft Key Multibutton Telephone Quick Reference Guide 92600SQG02 April 2001 Printed in the U.S.A. (2562)
  • Page 2: Using Your Telephone

    Using Your Telephone Soft Keys simplify using your phone. To guide you through your features, the Soft Key functions feature automatically change to help you handle calls. In this option guide, the represents Soft Key functions. your c Reverse Type Due to the flexibility built into the Dialing Codes system, your...
  • Page 3 Alphanumeric Display helps you use Press a One-Touch Key for one-button es and tells you about your calls. With contact with co-workers and outside callers, al Caller ID, a ringing line may show or when using certain features. Ask your aller’s number and name.
  • Page 4: Placing Calls

    Placing Calls Placing an Outside Call . . . 1. (Optional) Lift handset. Press a line key for quick access: + Listen for dial tone + Outside number. • You can have function keys for lines or line groups. • If your system is behind a PBX, you may have to dial 9 before your number.
  • Page 5 If your call doesn’t go through . . . Camp On and Callback CAMP (wait without hanging up). When you hear sys- • (Intercom calls) When you hear ringing, tem busy, use Camp wait for the called party to answer. On or Callback: If you hear busy/ring instead of busy before camping on, you can optionally...
  • Page 6: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls • To answer a Message To cancel messages you left and that were left Waiting left for you for you: Press any Soft Key + MORE MORE (Cont’d): SENT REVD Answering Outside Calls . . . or lift handset. If you hear two rings and •...
  • Page 7: Send The Call You're On To A Co-Worker

    Handling Your Calls Your call can wait at your phone . . . Hold 1. Do not hang up + Use Hold instead of • This puts your outside call on System leaving the handset Hold. Your co-workers can take the off-hook: call off Hold.
  • Page 8 • Park a call in orbit so a Park Orbits are 1-64. For Personal co-worker can pick it Park, dial 857 instead of #6. up (Cont’d): 3. Page your co-worker to pick up the call. • For Paging, press (external) EXPG INPG (Internal) + page zone (0-64).
  • Page 9: Placing Calls Quickly

    Placing Calls Quickly While at your desk or = Intercom calls only • DND flashes slowly. A voice prompt may out of the office, for- remind you that your calls are forwarded. ward your calls to a • To cancel Call Forwarding, press any co-worker, Voice Mail Soft Key + CNCF...
  • Page 10: Abbreviated Dialing

    Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dial) 1. In an idle station, press PROG MORE Store Common or Group Abbreviated 2. Dial Abbreviated Dialing bin number. Dialing numbers: • Ask your communications manager for your bin numbers. • will erase a previously stored CLEAR number or name.
  • Page 11: Directory Dialing

    Quick Reference for Other Features Alarm: + time (24-hour format). PROG MORE ALM1 ALM2 To cancel: Any Soft Key + + 9999. PROG MORE ALM1 ALM2 to block your outside calls OR PROG Do Not Disturb: block Paging, Intercom calls, Call Forwards and transferred outside calls OR to block all calls OR to block Call Forwards.
  • Page 12: Programming One-Touch Keys

    (1-64). Page: 1006 Zone Enter (1-64) for Internal. 1004 Zone Enter (1-8) for External. 1005 Enter for Combined (External and Internal) All Call. NEC America, Inc., Corporate Networks Group 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 203-926-5400 : 203-929-0535 TEL:

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