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NEC i-Series User Manual
NEC i-Series User Manual

NEC i-Series User Manual

Nec i-series user guide
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Summary of Contents for NEC i-Series

  • Page 1 User Guide 92600ACDU03...
  • Page 2: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls Answering Outside Calls . . . Answer an outside call ringing your ACD Group: Log In or Out of Your ACD Group Log your extension into the ACD Group: 1. Lift handset. Press the flashing line key if not connected. If your ACD Group has Automatic Answer enabled and you are using a customer- provided headset, the next call waiting is...
  • Page 3 Work Time - Manual and Automatic. Manual Work Time allows you to put your phone in Work Time. With Automatic Work Time the telephone system puts your phone in Work Time as soon as you hang up from a call.
  • Page 4 Handling Your Calls (cont’d) Activate Work Time: Cancel Work Time: Rest Mode Rest Mode temporarily logs your phone out of your ACD Group. This may be required if you get called away for your desk. There are two types of Rest Mode - Manual and Automatic. Manual Rest Mode allows you to temporarily log out of your ACD Group.
  • Page 5 Handling Your Calls (cont’d) enabled, the system automatically puts your phone in Rest Mode if it is not answered. This ensures that callers won’t have to wait while ACD rings your extension when you’re not there. The type of Rest Mode you have is determined by system programming.
  • Page 6 Handling Your Calls (cont’d) Reroute Your Calls . . . Transfer Transfer a call to an ACD Group: Check the Status of the ACD Group . . . Queue Status Display 1. At keyset or DSL, press 1. At SLT, hookflash. You hear Transfer dial tone.
  • Page 7 Handling Your Calls (cont’d) The information displays on your telephone as follows: The number of calls in queue. Name of trunk that has been queued the longest. Call your Supervisor by an Emergency Call . . . If you need assistance with a caller, place an Emergency Call to your ACD Group Supervisor.
  • Page 8 NEC America Inc., Corporate Networks Group P/N 92600ACDU03 April 2001 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 Issue 1-0 TEL: 203-926-5400 FAX: 203-929-0535 Printed in U.S.A.