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Important Safety Instructions For Use Of The Cut-Off Machine - Hitachi CC 12Y Safety Instructions And Instruction Manual

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6. NEVER operate without all guards in place.
NEVER operate this tool without all guards or
safety features in place and in proper working
order. If maintenance or servicing requires the
removal of a guard or safety feature, be sure to
replace the guard or safety feature before resuming
operation of the tool.
7. Use right tool.
Don't force small tool or attachment to do the job
of a heavy-duty tool.
Don't use tool for purpose not intended —for
example— don't use circular saw for cutting tree
limbs or logs.
8. NEVER use a power tool for applications other
than those specified.
NEVER use a power tool for applications other than
those specified in the Instruction Manual.
9. Handle tool correctly.
Operate the tool according to the instructions
provided herein. Do not drop or throw the tool.
NEVER allow the tool to be operated by children,
individuals unfamiliar with its operation or
unauthorized personnel.
10. Keep all screws, bolts and covers tightly in place.
Keep all screws, bolts, and plates tightly mounted.
Check their condition periodically.
11. Do not use power tools if the plastic housing or
handle is cracked.
Cracks in the tool's housing or handle can lead to
electric shock. Such tools should not be used until
12. Blades and accessories must be securely mounted
to the tool.
Prevent potential injuries to youself or others.
Blades, cutting implements and accessories which
have been mounted to the tool should be secure
and tight.
13. Keep motor air vent clean.
The tool's motor air vent must be kept clean so
that air can freely flow at all times. Check for dust
build-up frequently.
14. Operate power tools at the rated voltage.
Operate the power tool at voltages specified on its
If using the power tool at a higher voltage than
the rated voltage, it will result in abnormally fast
motor revolution and may damage the unit and
the motor may burn out.
15. NEVER use a tool which is defective or operating
If the tool appears to be operating unusually,
making strange noises, or otherwise appears
defective, stop using it immediately and arrange
for repairs by a Hitachi authorized service center.
16. NEVER leave tool running unattended. Turn power
Don't leave tool until it comes to a complete stop.
17. Carefully handle power tools.
Should a power tool be dropped or struck against
hard materials inadvertently, it may be deformed,
cracked, or damaged.
18. Do not wipe plastic parts with solvent.
Solvents such as gasoline, thinner benzine, carbon
tetrachloride, and alcohol may damage and crack
plastic parts. Do not wipe them with such solvents.
Wipe plastic parts with a soft cloth lightly
dampened with soapy water and dry thoroughly.
19. ALWAYS wear eye protection that meets the
requirement of the latest revision of
ANSI Standard Z87.1.
20. ALWAYS wear a mask or respirator to protect
yourself from dust or potentially harmful particles
generated during the operation.
21. Keep the motor interior free of water.
22. Proceed with cutting operation when full speed
has been reached.
23. Do NOT apply excessive force.
24. Take good care of the power tool and keep it clean.
25. Definitions for symbols used on this tool
V ............... volts
Hz ............. hertz
A ............... amperes
.............. no load speed
W .............. watt
............. Class II Construction
---/min ...... revolutions per minute
Death or serious bodily injury could result from
improper or unsafe use of the cut-off machine. To
avoid these risks, follow these basic safety
Always use proper guard with grinding wheel. A
guard protects operator from broken wheel
Accessories must be rated for at least the speed
recommended on the tool warning label. Wheels
and other accessories running over rated speed
can fly apart and cause injury.