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Phone Services; File Transfer, Object Push, Information Synchronization; Troubleshooting - GE 99000 User Manual

Audio/data usb adapter
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Using Phone Services
Please see your phone manual for how to activate and connect
your phone's Bluetooth
Pair with a phone
1) Find a Bluetooth
enabled phone.
2) Use BlueSoleil
3) Right click the phone
icon and choose "Refresh Services". You can also click
"View">"Refresh Devices."
4) Available services will be shown as yellow icons.
5) Choose the service you want to use.
6) Before you choose any services, you need to pair with the
phone fi rst. You should enter the passkey in the phone.
Usually, it's "0000". Then enter the same PIN code in the key
column in BlueSoleil
File Transfer
After pairing with a phone, you can exchange the
fi les in the phone with those in the PC.
Object Push
Choose the "Object Push" function to put the
information in the PC to the phone.
Information Synchronization
Use the "Information Synchronization" function to sync
the fi les with your cell phone. So your fi les in the
phone and your information kept in Microsoft
will be in sync.


Why can't I create a connection to a receiver?
1) Verify that the battery power of receiver is not running low.
2) Check if the receiver is powered on and the GE 99000 adapter
is plugged into the USB port.
to fi nd it.



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