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Listening To Music - GE 99000 User Manual

Audio/data usb adapter
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d. The orange ball in the
middle of the screen
stands for your own GE
99000 dual mode
adapter. When you want
to search for Bluetooth
devices, you need to
click on the ball. You can
also click "View">
"Refresh Devices" to
fi nd new devices.
Available Services
1) Turn on any Bluetooth
data with.
2) Use BlueSoleil
orange circle in the center.
3) After you discover the receiver, the address below the icon is its
device either repeat step 2 or hit the F5 key to "Refresh Service"
again and the name is changed to the device name.
4) Left click or double click the device icon and to confi rm if there
are any services available. If not, you need to refresh it until
some service icons (i.e. headset and AV) turn yellow. Those
yellow icons indicate the available services for you to use.
Select one of the services and then a link will be established.
An established link is visible by the device having a line to the
middle the orange ball.
Listening to the Music
5) To listen to music, you need to choose "Bluetooth
click the icon that is second from the right. After the connection
is established, you can fi nd a link shown between the receiver
and GE 99000 adapter.
devices you want to synchronize
to discover the devices by clicking on the
device address. If you need to fi nd other Bluetooth
AV Service" or



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