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Specifi Cations - GE 99000 User Manual

Audio/data usb adapter
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3) Verify that the receiver is within the specifi ed range of 100m
from the adapter.
4) Check if any other Bluetooth
5) Turn off the receiver and unplug the GE 99000 adapter.
Power on the receiver and plug in the GE 99000 adapter and try
connecting again.
No music is being transmitted.
In rare cases it may be necessary to manually set your computer to
play through your Bluetooth
1) Plug the GE 99000 into an open USB port
2) Wait for it to confi gure.
3) Go to START settings > Control Panel
4) Select Sounds and Audio Devices
5) Select Audio Tab
6) Use the drop down menu in sound playback to set default device
to Audio Adapter
7) Select Apply and OK
8) Restart your computers media player and select a song and Play
For technical support, please see the manual located on the
included disc or visit
Specifi cations
Standard, Power Class
Profi le Supported - AV Mode A2DP, AVRCP Profi le
Profi le Supported - HCI Mode Generic Access (GAP)
device has connected to the receiver.
device. To do this, follow these steps:
1.2 compliant, Class 1
USB v1.1 (Type A)
Service Discovery Application (SDAP)
Serial Port (SPP)
Dial-Up Network (DUN)
File transfer (FTP)



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