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How To Replace The Lithium Battery - Panasonic HC-V700P Service Manual

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How to Replace the Lithium Battery

Replacement Procedure
1. Remove the MIC P.C.B.. (Refer to Disassembly Procedures.)
2. Unsolder the each soldering point of electric lead terminal for Lithium battery (Ref. No. "B4801" at component side of MIC
P.C.B.) and remove the Lithium battery together with electric lead terminal. Then replace it into new one.
The Type No. ML-614S/DK includes electric lead terminals.
This Lithium battery is a critical component.
(Type No.: ML-614S/DN Manufactured by Energy Company, Panasonic Corporation)
It must never be subjected to excessive heat or discharge.
It must therefore only be fitted in requirement designed specifically for its use.
Replacement batteries must be of same type and manufacture.
They must be fitted in the same manner and location as the original battery, with the correct polarity contacts observed.
Do not attempt to re-charge the old battery or re-use it for any other purpose.
It should be disposed of in waste products destined for burial rather than incineration.
Above caution is applicable for a battery pack which is for HC-V700/V707/V700M/V707M series, as well.
1. Battery Pack for this model.



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