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Pioneer CT-L11 Operating Instructions Manual

Stereo cassette deck
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Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 STEREO CASSETTE DECK CT-L11 Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Operating Environment

    A.S.T.A. to B.S. 1362 should be used. ¶ When using this product follow the instructions written on the underside of the unit, which concern rated voltage, etc. Thank you for buying this PIONEER product. Operating Environment H045 En...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Connecting up Connecting the system cable ........4 Connecting the power ..........4 2 Controls and displays Front panel ..............5 Display ................5 3 Using the Tape Deck Playing tapes ..............6 Setting the reverse mode .......... 7 Resetting the tape counter ........
  • Page 4: Connecting Up

    Doing so may damage the unit. this unit to the MD recorder. The CT-L11 connects directly to the XC-L11 CD (or XV- DV77/DV88 DVD/CD) tuner or MJ-L11 (MD recorder). If you are setting the whole system up for the first time, be...
  • Page 5: Controls And Displays

    Controls & Displays Front panel 23 PLAY (touch sensor) 0 EJECT (touch sensor) 7 STOP ¶8 RECORD PAUSE Cassette loading slot PLAY EJECT STEREO CASSETTE DECK AUTO REVERSE ¶8 REC PAUSE STOP Display SYNCHRO Record timer – page 11 Timer – page 11 Wake up timer page 11 4 Character display 5 # Lights when a tape is playing and blinks when in pause...
  • Page 6: Using The Tape Deck

    Using the Tape Deck Playing tapes 4 To rewind or fast forward the tape, press 1 or ¡. The tape deck features auto-reverse, DIRECT PLAY 3 Dolby B NR (noise reduction) and auto 5 To skip back or forward a TAPE tape select.
  • Page 7: Setting The Reverse Mode

    Using the Tape Deck Setting the reverse mode 2 Select COUNTER RESET from the TAPE MENU. The tape deck can play both sides of a tape without you The counter is reset after pressing having to take the cassette out and turning it over by ENTER hand.
  • Page 8: Making Tape Recordings

    Using the Tape Deck Making tape recordings You can make tape recordings from any other compo- nent in the system, and also from an external compo- nent connected to the auxiliary inputs. If you're recording from CD or MD, it’s usually most convenient to use the synchro-recording feature (see Automatically recording a CD or MD, opposite).
  • Page 9: Automatically Recording Cds And Mds

    Using the Tape Deck Automatically recording 5 Press DVD/CD (CD) or MD to select the recording CDs and MDs source. Synchro recording is designed to make recording a CD or MD as simple as 6 Load the CD or MD you want possible.
  • Page 10: Recording Other Sources

    Using the Tape Deck Recording other sources Use this when recording from the built-in tuner, or from a component connected to the auxiliary analog inputs. 1 Follow steps 1–4 of Automatically record- ing CDs and MDs on page 9. • Load a cassette •...
  • Page 11: Recording Using The Timer

    Using the Tape Deck Recording using the timer 6 Set the switch off time. TUNER You can set up the system to make a OFF 11:OO FM/AM recording from the built-in tuner or V1/V2/V3 Set in the same way as the switch on VIDEO from a component connected to the time.
  • Page 12: Activating/Deactivating The Record Timer

    Using the Tape Deck Activating/deactivating the record timer The record timer will only work once it has been activated. To activate the record timer, set the timer to . To deactivate it, set the timer to 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER (TIMER) and select TIMER REC.
  • Page 13: Additional Information

    • Make sure that the head cleaning cassette you buy is compatible with auto-reverse decks. Check with a When not using cassettes, always store in the case. Store Pioneer authorized service center for details. cassettes away from magnetic fields, excessive heat, • Do not use dry-type head cleaning cassettes.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified after checking the items below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. Problem Remedy Can’t record...
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