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Home Entertainment Guide 2002-2003


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    Home Entertainment Guide 2002-2003...

  • Page 2: Digital Home Cinema


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    In-Car Multimedia Systems WORLD OF PIONEER WORLD OF PIONEER Computer Hardware...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    C o n t e n t s Digital Home Cinema Home Cinema Systems & Combinations DVD Recorder DVD Players A/V Amplifiers & Receivers A/V Speakers Plasma TVs DARE LOOK AHEAD Audio Components Audio Systems Technology Features & Specifications...

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    Pioneer’s attractive slimline design means that many of the components will easily fit into your interior without taking over your living space.

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    DIGITAL HOME CINEMA Pioneer brings you digital home cinema at its very best, pairing crystal clear images with dynamic surround sound for a total movie experience. Choose a complete system or match components to design your own home cinema combination. Whatever your desire, we have the product that’s just right for your taste, and living space.

  • Page 8: Home Cinema Systems & Combinations

    Who other than the creators of DVD could come up with even more new and exciting options in digital home cinema? Pioneer DVD systems take you beyond what you’ve seen and heard so far for a personal cinematic experience that compares to no other.

  • Page 9

    Just slide them into the chic slot-in deck and play. CP-F50A Optional Speaker Stand Pioneer’s CP-F50A speaker stand adds a new stylish touch to your living space. This metal finished speaker stand will surely raise your sound experience to new heights and is a perfect companion for most new and older Pioneer satellite speakers –...

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    TV, DVD, CD, or MiniDisc. A Pioneer A/V amplifier or receiver not only provides powerful sound, but can accept a variety of image sources, like a video camera or game console. This is especially easy if your A/V unit has input terminals on its front panel.

  • Page 11

    One-stop Solution – buying a Digital Home Cinema System Let Pioneer do the work for you. There’s no need to go through the steps of building your own system from different components. Simply buy a complete Digital Home Cinema System with an all-in main unit plus speaker package.

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    DV-550 + VSX-C550-S + S-V50A Satellite 100 W Max Subwoofer 110 W RMS This fine digital home cinema combination includes the DV-550 – a DVD-Video Player –, the VSX-C550-S – a matching A/V receiver– and the S-V50A, a powerful A/V speaker set. Both the DVD player and A/V receiver come with a stunning half-mirror finish, half-silver design.

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    HC-51S Digital Home Cinema Combination Satellite 80 W Max Subwoofer 50 W RMS Here is a brilliant slimline digital home cinema package composed of a DVD-Video Player, an A/V receiver and a matching A/V speaker set, stylish with its silver finish and slim enough to fit almost anywhere. Expect more than stylish looks: this combination also offers Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic II for sound that makes your heart beat faster, it can even be adjusted for different listening modes.

  • Page 14

    ®P Looking for that perfect DVD-Video Player and A/V receiver combination? It’s right here! With Pioneer you always expect inventive modern design but this delivers more. The DVD-Video player’s half-mirror design, with flap-type door, complements the half-mirror finish, half-silver pattern of the A/V receiver. The stylish pair won’t take up much room but it will produce spectacular images and sounds.

  • Page 15

    HC-41S Digital Home Cinema Combination If you are looking for a DVD-Video player and A/V Receiver combination, look no further. The HC-41S is a handsome unit with a silver finish that, because of its stylish, slim design, meets your needs easily, regardless of space limitations. You have the advantage of flexible playback, combined with DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and Virtual Dolby Digital output for great sound, so you can enjoy high-quality DVD-Video pictures.

  • Page 16

    450 W (75 W x 6) RMS, plus an RDS Tuner and a DTS Decoder built right in. Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II offer you great surround sound possibilities. Pioneer even added Virtual Surround Back, giving this combination a broad variety of advanced surround sound modes.

  • Page 17

    DCS-303 Digital Home Cinema System This slimline DVD-Video player, with a handsome aluminum and half mirror front panel mix, comes with a surround sound satellite speaker set. The super- slim subwoofer has been completely redesigned to fit into tight spots, but don’t let the slim size of this unit fool you. The system still packs a wallop —...

  • Page 18: Dvd Recorder

    DVD Recorder This is the moment to take the leap to recordable DVD. Pioneer hands it to you with our home DVD Recorder. Now you can have everything you love about DVD — crystal clear images, high-quality digital sound, convenient size — in your own recordings. Record, re-record, edit and customise: nothing else gives you the ultimate control and versatility in home video recording.

  • Page 19

    Numerous editing functions in “Video Recording (VR) Mode”. Forget multiple video decks. Turn your movie into a masterpiece using your remote control. Pioneer’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps you each step of the way. Call up the DiscNavi and here’s every advanced editing function – add, erase, move, copy, combine two chapters, undo last edit, and more, in the playlists.

  • Page 20

    DV-U7 DVD-Video player. It’s an ingenious little gem, giving you quality DVD in a truly compact package. Its ease of use and space-saving design can’t be beaten. All this great news for Pioneer DVD technology — no wonder the world is watching.

  • Page 21: Dvd Players

    24-bit quantisation and 192 kHz sampling, a significant advance over the 16-bit and 44.1 kHz of CDs. For full product features and specifications, please see pages 64 and 65. DVD PLAYERS b/a d Ultra-high Volume Storage Imagine audio...

  • Page 22

    CD-RW, CD, VideoCD and MP3 on CD-R) so you have the largest possible choice of playback options. You can even enjoy Synchronous Play with a compliant A/V receiver — a Pioneer original, while the i.LINK Digital Interface allows for the transfer of digital audio information. There’s of course also a coaxial/optical Digital Out and, thanks to the DVD-Audio Bass Management feature, you’ll be sure to get the most from your multi-channel system.

  • Page 23

    With first generation DVD-Audio players, users risked losing bass when they played DVD-Audio discs over a typical home theatre system with five smaller satellite speakers and a separate subwoofer. Now Pioneer’s DV-757Ai DVD-Audio/Video/SACD player offers Bass Management Processing to overcome bass difficulties.

  • Page 24

    Note: DVD players which have this indication can play DVD-RW discs recorded in “DVD Video Recording” mode, and of course DVD-R and DVD-RW discs recorded in “Video Mode”.

  • Page 25

    DVD-Video Player Pioneer has it all. This slimline DVD-Video player offers superb high-quality images and great sound. With 5.1-channel digital streaming audio output from Dolby Digital/DTS sources, you are sure to experience new levels of extensive surround sound. More high-tech goodies include a coaxial digital output and the new Zoom with Scroll function that allows you to zoom in on the images 2 x or 4 x.

  • Page 26

    Therefore we bring you technology created in harmony with the health of our planet. This commitment takes many forms. In the case of the DV-U7 DVD-Video player, Pioneer facilitates recycling efforts by using foam-free packaging and lead-free soldering. When in use and as well as on standby, the DV-U7 saves on energy because of reduced power consumption.

  • Page 27

    PRACTICAL, PORTABLE DVD-VIDEO You want flexibility. What you get is the best of Pioneer DVD technology in a streamlined player you can take with you anywhere. That’s right: the high-resolution images and superior sound you’ve come to expect are yours wherever you go. You can never be too thin or too light.

  • Page 28: A/v Amplifiers & Receivers

    DTS 96/24 Decoding Equipped with a 96 kHz/24-bit decoder, Pioneer’s amplifier/receivers reproduce high-quality sound, exactly as recorded on 96 kHz, 24-bit master tapes in the studio. The latest audio format by DTS – the multi-platform DTS 96/24 – is the first compressed surround format technology to support 96 kHz and 24-bit sound resolution and multi-channel capabilities.

  • Page 29

    State-of-the-art digital signal processors have been employed for decoding 96/24 DTS soundtracks and the VSA-AX10 was the first amplifier in the world to receive THX Ultra2 certification. At Pioneer we describe it as a ‘multi-channel stereophonic’...

  • Page 30

    Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy In the days when we just had stereo, Pioneer went one step further and created “stereophonic”. Now Pioneer is applying the same approach to multi- channel environments, with the focus on recreating both the sound and the passion of the original performance. To achieve this it has introduced an Advanced Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy, based on three principles.

  • Page 31

    Get ready for the sounds of the future with this masterful A/V receiver, built according to Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-channel Stereophonic Philosophy. The VSX-D1011 makes sounds come alive. It features an Advanced Direct Energy MOS FET exclusive to Pioneer for all 7-channel amplifiers with a power output of 100 W.

  • Page 32

    6.1 formats. Other benefits include a streamlined easy-to-use remote control to be used with Pioneer DVD players, a Quick Set-up, and an S-video terminal. The VSX-D511 A/V receiver is the perfect companion for any DVD-Video player and is looking smart in either a black or silver finish.

  • Page 33

    VSX-C100-K Pioneer Original Surround Modes (VSX-C550-S, VSX-C100-S, VSX-C100-K) Pioneer has a wide selection of Original Surround Modes. These Advanced Surround modes include TV Surround, which produces surround sound even for mono or stereo TV sources; Game mode for playing video games;...

  • Page 34: A/v Speakers

    DVD surround sound. So open your ears to the most sensational audio experience you can imagine. Pioneer has a line of speakers built on the latest audio technology that deliver the absolute best in sound quality. Front, centre and...

  • Page 35

    S-V70-II A/V Speaker Set Thinking about a futuristic looking home cinema system? Then this hyper-modern speaker set is a superior choice – and a perfect match. This trendy system does double duty in the realm of space- saving and powerful cinema sound, with five 130 watt Max satellite speakers and a 150 watt RMS light wood-tone active subwoofer.

  • Page 36

    110 watt RMS active subwoofer. This home cinema speaker set is the perfect complement to any modern interior. The S-V50-II-QL is ideally suited to Pioneer’s new slimline A/V receivers and consists of S-F50 (front satellite speakers), S-CR50 (centre and rear satellite speakers) and the S-W110S-QL (powered subwoofer).

  • Page 37

    S-V40 A/V Speaker Set Pioneer pays attention to detail. This speaker combination boasts a real aluminum finish as part of an innovative and modern design that, combined with the slimline DV-454-S or DV-454-K DVD-Video player and VSX-C100-S or VSX-C100-K A/V receiver, creates a perfect home cinema package.

  • Page 38

    A/V SPEAKERS S-V510 A/V Speaker Set Let the sound swirl around you from three powerful cone woofers in these stylish new floor-standing front speakers. And cinematic surround sound sweeps in from the centre and rear satellite speakers. The complete 100 watt Max S-V510 speaker system consists of S-H510V (floor-standing front speakers) combined with the S-CR59 (centre and rear satellite speakers).

  • Page 39

    This innovative aluminium design speaker stand is adjustable to match the height of the Pioneer’s Plasma TV floor stand. Easy fixing. CP-F100 speaker stand matches most of Pioneer’s satellite speakers and is a perfect companion S-ST70, S-SP40, S-CR50A, S-F50A.

  • Page 40

    Once in a great while, something truly iconic comes along. Something so ahead of the crowd, so immensely rewarding, you know it belongs in your world. “PURE VISION” Pioneer Plasma TV. It’s TV as you’ve never seen it. The digital display you dream of. Your ultimate lifestyle accessory. Try it on and see how beautifully it fits.

  • Page 41: Plasma Tvs

    * PDP-503HDE with optional side-mounted speakers. Experience visual entertainment and indulge in Pioneer’s Plasma television experience. A TV that delivers a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio, that’s ultra sleek (a mere 98 mm) and has a 160° viewing angle so no-one will miss out. Above that it’s noise-free and gives a dramatically improved contrast of 900:1 for PDP-503HDE and 1000:1 for PDP-433HDE.

  • Page 42

    160-degree viewing angle. However you enjoy the “PURE VISION” Pioneer Plasma TV, it’s a perfect fit for any home, every décor. How does Pioneer fill this big, slim screen with such spectacular images? Here’s what you don’t see.

  • Page 43

    Media receiver Let us count the ways you can enjoy the "PURE VISION" Pioneer Plasma TV multi-media system. You’re set to exploit the latest range of multi-media options with the plasma’s new media receiver, slim yet cram-packed with capability. Enjoy TV in big-screen grandeur. Watch two sources on the Dual Screen*, including Teletext.

  • Page 45: Audio Components

    AUDIO COMPONENTS TOP PERFORMERS Superior quality in sound and design: Pioneer leads the way in cutting-edge audio technologies. So let Pioneer Hi-Fi components form the building blocks of your own personalised audio system. Whether you are starting from scratch or...

  • Page 46

    Pioneer MiniDisc: You gotta get one. Pioneer gives you more options in digital recording with our high-end MiniDisc recorders. Make digital recordings from your CDs, or record from other sources — with MiniDisc the possibilities are endless. Its compact size and exceptional sound quality make it the format of choice. What’s more, when your MD component is equiped with MD Long Play feature you can record up to 320 minutes of music onto a single disc.

  • Page 47

    Customisation at the touch of a button Your own personalised mixes on CD – what could be better? With Pioneer CD recorders, you call the shots. We’ve come up with the solutions that make it easier and faster than ever to digitally record the tracks of your choice, in the order you want, onto CD-R or CD-RW. No complex programming involved — just press a button and you’re off and running.

  • Page 48

    EVERLASTING CLASSIC SOUND Advanced audio technology is what makes Pioneer CD players among the best. And with our wide range of top quality players, you can be sure that CDs won’t go out of style any time soon. Exceptional features like Legato Link Conversion and anti-vibration design give you outstanding sound performance and stability.

  • Page 49

    * This product is not available in the U.K. This top model features everything a demanding listener requires. Perfect digital audio sound is present thanks to Pioneer’s Z-concept and anti-resonance and anti-vibration features. And it is easy to use with a convenient jog dial.

  • Page 50

    DELIVERING POWER PERFORMANCES An amplifier is the heart that supports your audio system. So give it the power it deserves with Pioneer amplifiers and receivers. They’re brilliantly designed to deliver precisely the kind of powerful performance that results in pure, hi-fi sound. Wide frequency response, sound stability and low noise all add up to clean, distortion-free listening pleasure.

  • Page 51

    ANALOGUE WITH A TWIST Cassettes have been around for ages, but the way you listen to them still keeps getting better with Pioneer digital technology. Our cassette decks adapt functions like digital noise reduction and TDNS (Tape Duplication Noise Suppression) to the analogue format, delivering enhanced audio performance from cassettes.

  • Page 52

    CERTAINLY A SOUND CHOICE For the ultimate in sound performance and versatility, Pioneer speakers are the best you can choose. Whether you want maximum power, minimal size or a cool design, you’ll find what you need within our wide range. Need A/V speakers? Look no further. We have speakers compatible with all types of systems up to 7.1-channel surround sound.

  • Page 53

    CS-7070 CS-5070 Audio Speaker Set Designed for sound, these 3-way 140 watt speakers are an excellent choice for any hi-fi system. CS-3070 ADD-ON EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES PL-990 Turntable Sometimes you can’t beat a vinyl classic. This high-tech, fully automatic stereo turntable features a low-mass straight tone arm, precise DC servo motor and built-in phono equaliser.

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  • Page 55: Audio Systems

    AUDIO SYSTEMS Consistently high quality sound is what Pioneer audio systems are about. Our hi-fi systems give you just that in one great package. They’re designed to impress with loads of smart features and versatile functions. Whatever music you’re into, you’ll be amazed at the outstanding sound our systems can deliver.

  • Page 56

    BEST OF BOTH WORLDS If you want both the best in sound quality and smart designer aesthetics, Pioneer design audio systems are the perfect way to go. Behind the streamlined exterior lies the latest high-performance audio technology for a system that sounds as impressive as it looks, from the inside out.

  • Page 57

    You’re a MiniDisc addict? Then you’ll be happy to hear that you can create your own MiniDisc compilations on your NS-11 system with this matching MD LP* compatible MiniDisc recorder. Creating your own personal MiniDisc compilations to take anywhere has never been more stylish. CT-L11 Optional Cassette Deck* * For NS-11-Q, NS-11-S, NS-DV88 and NS-DV77 Or would you rather revive your old cassette collection? Go ahead and do it with a bit of flair.

  • Page 58

    AUDIO SYSTEMS IS-22 Hi-Fi System The perfect system! The IS-22 includes a vertical CD player, horizontal tray- type cassette deck, tuner, separate amplifier and 3-way loudspeaker system. Plug it in! Limitless connections! Plug your games console into the front panel connection port for games with bombastic sound.

  • Page 59

    AUDIO SYSTEMS X-NM1 Micro System 25 W x 2 RMS Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it’s missing important points. On the contrary, everything is covered: a tray-type CD player, pop-up cassette player with auto reverse, an RDS tuner with 24 presets, a 2 x 25 watt amplifier and speakers with blue grilles make sure that you have quality music in any room from the office to the bedroom.

  • Page 60: Technology

    MP3 Playback Most Pioneer DVD players are capable of reading MP3 files recorded onto CD-R or CD-RW discs. Because MP3 files occupy less space on a disc, it is possible to create CDs with up to 10 hours of compressed audio. A typical problem with this feature is navigating through the lengthy track listing. Pioneer has provided a solution –...

  • Page 61

    It is ideal for music videos and musicals. Drama and Movie Mode create the acoustics of a medium-sized cinema and heighten your sense of reality. For action movie lovers, Action Mode engulfs you in a wall of sound so you can enjoy all the power and speed. For users with only 2 front speakers, Pioneer offers Virtual Surround Mode for channel separation that leads to a surround sound feeling.

  • Page 62: Features & Specifications

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Digital Home Cinema Systems Features - 1 SYSTEM Display Dimmer Control Remote Control Unit AMPLIFIER Surround (DIN) Front Centre Surround Subwoofer Surround (RMS) Front 40 W/ch (8 Ω, 10 % THD) Centre Surround 40 W/ch (8 Ω, 10 % THD) Subwoofer SURROUND SOUND Dolby Pro Logic Surround...

  • Page 63

    Digital Home Cinema Systems Features - 2 SPECIAL PLAY FUNCTIONS Quick Start Transfer Bit Rate Indicator TERMINALS Digital Input Coaxial Optical Digital Output (Optical) Audio (TUNER Included)/Video Inputs Audio/Video Output for system cable/AUX x 1 S-Video Input/Output S2 Compatibility SATELLITE AND SUBWOOFER SPEAKER SYSTEM Magnetically Shielded (Satellite) Magnetically Shielded (Subwoofer) 1 CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Playback: Disc may not be played back because of following reasons: recording characteristics of recorder/characteristics of disc/ scratch and dust on disc/dust and condensation on pickup lens or others.

  • Page 64

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS DVD Players Features - 1 TECHNICAL FEATURES Playback Discs DVD/VCD/CD/ CD-R 1 /CD-RW 1 / DVD-R 1 /DVD-RW 1 DVD-AUDIO Disc Capacity DVD-RW recorded in Video Recording Mode (CPRM) DVD-R/RW recorded in Video Mode Photo Viewer 2...

  • Page 65

    Headphone Jack CONTROL TERMINALS Pioneer System Remote 2 (In/Out) 1 CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW Playback: Discs may not be played back because of the following reasons: recording characteristics of recorder/characteristics of disc/scratch and dust on disc/dust and condensation on pickup lens or others.

  • Page 66

    Large Capacity Electrolysis Condenser 33,000 µF x 2 Thick Copper Bus-Bar Discrete Output (all channels) • (A.D.E.MOSFET) Pioneer Hybrid Amplification (All channels) Front L & R Bi-Amplifier Function MULTI-CHANNEL ACOUSTIC CALIBRATION SYSTEM (MCACC) MCACC • (with MIC) Acoustic Calibration EQ...

  • Page 67

    A/V Amplifiers & Receivers Features - 2 VIDEO FEATURES Video Signal Selector Video Converter CONVENIENCES On-Screen Display (GUI) Remote Control LCD Touch Panel LCD & Preset & Learning Multi-Operation System (Macro) Remote Control Illumination DVD Control Satellite Tuner Control MCD Control DTV Control Function Rename FL Dimmer...

  • Page 68

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS A/V Amplifiers & Receivers Specifications AMPLIFIER SECTION Rated Power Output 150 W + 150 W 20 - 20 kHz, 0.09 %, 6 Ω DIN Continuous Power Output (1 kHz, THD 1 %) Stereo 170 W/ch Surround Front Channels 170 W/ch Centre Channel Rear Channels...

  • Page 69: Specifications

    A/V Speakers Specifications - 1 SYSTEM Centre speakers Front speakers Rear speakers Magnetically shielded for video use Front 7.7 cone woofer (x 2), Centre 7.7 cm cone woofer (x 2), Rear 7.7 cm cone woofer (x 2), Subwoofer Module Front Bass-reflex type enclosure Built-in Amplifier Stereo (Screw Terminal) Mono (Pin Jack)

  • Page 70

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Plasma TV Specifications PICTURE Screen Size Aspect Ratio Number of Pixels Brightness Contrast Ratio Viewing Angle 3 Line Digital Comb Filter Video Signals PC Signals Dual Screen 1 Still Picture (Sub Screen) Digital Enhancer Hor / Ver 100 Hz Progressive Scan CTI (Colour Transient Improvement) Dynamic Gamma Correction...

  • Page 71

    CD Recorders Features DRIVE CD-R Applicable Discs DIGITAL FEATURES D/A Converter A/D Converter Legato Link Conversion Sampling Rate Converter STRUCTURAL FEATURES High Rigidity Chassis Clean Laser Pickup Circuit Three-Beam Differential Push-Pull Pickup RECORDING FEATURES Z-Concept Erase (CD-RW disc) Last Track All-Track Multi Track Disc...

  • Page 72

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS CD Recorders Specifications COMPACT DISC RECORDER Number of Channels Frequency Response Sampling Frequency (Recording/Playback) Signal-to-Noise Ratio Recording Playback Dynamic Range (EIAJ) Recording Playback Total Harmonic Distortion (1 kHz) Recording Playback MISCELLANEOUS Power Requirements Power Consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight COMPACT DISC PLAYER Frequency Response...

  • Page 73

    CD File-Type Players & Multi CD Players Features FORMAT Separate Single-Disc Slot (S = Single Loader) Disc Capacity WIDE-RANGE TECHNOLOGY Legato Link Conversion DIGITAL FEATURES 1-Bit DLC with Pulseflow D/A Converter LOW-NOISE DESIGNS Low-Loss Laser Pickup PLAYBACK OPTIONS Playback Modes Single Disc All Discs “Custom File”...

  • Page 74

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS CD Player Features FORMAT Disc Capacity WIDE-RANGE TECHNOLOGY Hi-bit Legato Link Conversion DIGITAL FEATURES DAC 24 (Jitter Proof 24-bit D/A Converter) STRUCTURAL DESIGNS Stable Platter Mechanism Centre Tray Mechanism LOW-NOISE DESIGNS Accurate Transmission System Low-Loss Laser Pickup Display Off Switch PLAYBACK OPTIONS Edit Modes...

  • Page 75

    Integrated Amplifiers Features POWER OUTPUT DIN Continuous Power Output (1 kHz) 4 Ω 8 Ω WIDE-RANGE TECHNOLOGY Wide-Range Linear Circuit High Channel Separation Design AUDIO FEATURES Direct Energy MOS FET Circuit Low-Impedance Driving Capability Muting Tone Controls Loudness Large Insulators CONSTRUCTION Advanced Direct Connection Symmetrical Construction...

  • Page 76

    FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Cassette Decks Specifications Number of Motors Type of Heads Playback Head Recording/Playback Head Erasing Head Wow and Flutter WRMS Frequency Response (–20 dB) Type IV (Metal Tape) Type II (Chrome Tape) Type I (Normal Tape) Signal-to-Noise Ratio Digital NR (with Dolby B/C NR) Digital NR (without Dolby NR) Digital NR/Dolby NR Off...

  • Page 77

    • Full automatic operation : To provide easy hands-off operation • Low-mass straight tone arm: Highly sensitive and resistant to resonance, track records better • Precision DC servo motor: Pioneer Stable Hanging Rotor ends spindle wobble for smoother and more accurate platter rotation • Universal-type cartridge connector •...

  • Page 78

    • • Dimensions (W x H x D) • • Net weight • (32, 44.1, 48 kHz) SATELLITE AND SUBWOOFER • • SPEAKER SYSTEM Cone Size CT-L11 CT-L11 Slot-in Slot-in Satellite • • Subwoofer • • Frequency Range • •...

  • Page 79

    Hi-Fi Systems Features SYSTEM Remote Control Unit DISPLAY Dimmer Control AMPLIFIER SECTION Power (RMS, 1 kHz, 6 Ω) Enhance Sound Morphing Bass/Treble Control L/R Balance Control TUNER SECTION RDS Tuner Band (FM/AM) Presets Auto Tuning Timer CD PLAYER SECTION Mechanism Motorised Door Random/Repeat Play PGM No.

  • Page 80

    “Dolby”, the double-D symbol, “Dolby Surround”, “Pro Logic” and “Dolby Digital”, are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. “DTS” and “DTS Digital Surround” are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Y Pioneer incorporates TruSurround technology under license from SRS Labs, Inc. Lucasfilm and THX are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.

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