Freezer Compartment Display; Regulation Of The Temperature In The Refrigerator Compartment; Control Of Refrigerator Compartment; Holiday Function Of The Refrigerator ( Only In Cooler And In Some Cooler Compartments Of The Two- Compressor Appliances ) - Electrolux ERF2000 Service Manual

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3.5 Freezer compartment display

The thermometer indicates the temperature of the warmest part in the freezer compartment. This means that the
other temperatures of the freezer (measured through an ordinary thermometer) will always be lower than those
indicated on the thermometer. The temperature difference between the central part of the compartment (which
must not be measured in direct contact with the evaporator) and the warmest part of the freezer is included
between 3º and 7ºC. To avoid false variations from the set value a stabilization window of the displayed
temperature of +/- 3º C has been introduced. At temperatures included between this interval the set value is
At temperatures not included between this interval the real value is indicated. The freezer thermometer updates
the shown temperature of 1º C every 4-20 min. (according to the versions) when temperature decreases and
every 4-25 min. when temperature increases.
Attention: to eliminate the updating delay of the temperature, disconnect the appliance and connect it again.

3.6 Regulation of the temperature in the refrigerator compartment

To modify the set temperature in the freezer compartment it is necessary to push the temperature increase or
decrease button. The temperature that can be set goes from +2°C up to +8°C for all the models except from
some Electrolux models by which the temperatures go from +1°C up to +9°C.
Once the temperature increase or decrease button has been pushed, the display flashes for 5 seconds showing
the set temperature. The display stops flashing and shows the temperature detected inside the refrigerator.
The min On time of the compressor in the refrigerator compartment is 1-2 min.
The min. Off time is 5 min.

3.7 Control of refrigerator compartment

The compressor is activated when both the air sensor and the evaporator sensor detect the cut-in temperature
and is deactivated when the temperature detected by the air sensor reaches the cut-out temperature.
Only for 4-star models, at low room temperatures (room temperature lower than +20°C ) a balancing heater is
automatically activated, by means of a sensor placed on the display board (VB) or the lighting lamp is switched
on partially with a 1-minute delay after the door closure.
It is possible, therefore, that checking the efficiency of the switching off of the light, the lamp lights even if the
door is closed, this does not imply that the door light switch functions badly.
To check if the light switches off correctly, it is necessary to check if the lamp is off within 1 minute after the door
closure (after that time the lamp might be on because it is controlled by the electronic board!).
3.8 Holiday function of the refrigerator ( only in cooler and in some cooler compartments of the two-
compressor appliances )
The max. temperature that can be set in the refrigerator compartment reaches +8°C (+9°C for some Electrolux
Pushing again the temperature increase button after reaching +8°C (+9°C for some Electrolux models), the
symbol "H" appears on the display to indicate that Holiday function is switched on.
With the Holiday function the refrigerator temperature is kept at +14°C.
This temperature does not allow preserving the food, but it is very useful when the refrigerator compartment is
not used, since it avoids the formation of bad odours.
To deactivate the function it is necessary to set another temperature so as to the symbol "H" disappears from the
ERF2000 Functions of the electronic boards Rev. 01


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