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At the end of the Holiday function, the temperature alarm of the refrigerator compartment will be switched on
with a 2-hour delay.

3.9 SUPER COOLING Function of the refrigerator

Pushing the super cooling button of the refrigerator the super cooling function is activated and the refrigerator
temperature is automatically set at +2°C.
The function deactivates automatically after about 6 hours or by pushing the super cooling button again.
The corresponding led lights to indicate that the function is active. The display shows "SP" or "A" or the real
temperature of the refrigerator compartment (according to the models).
In some models the super cooling function can be integrated in the temperature decrease button by setting the
max. cold position.

3.10 Display of the refrigerator compartment

The thermometer indicates the average temperature in the refrigerator compartment. The temperature varies
according to the compartment type. To avoid false variations compared to the set value, a stabilization window
of the shown temperature of +/- 3º C has been introduced. The set value is indicated for the temperatures
included between this interval.
The real value is indicated for temperatures not included between this interval. The refrigerator thermometer has
an updating speed of the shown temperature of 1º C every 2-10 min. (according to the versions) both when the
temperature increases and decreases.

3.11 Demo Mode

The Demo Mode function regards the market activity and not the user.
By pushing the temperature decrease button and ON/OFF button simultaneously for 5 seconds the Demo
function is switched on.
The inside temperature of the appliance, measured by the air sensor, must be higher than +10°C because the
function may be activated. For the bi-compressors, the temperature must be higher than +10°C both in the
refrigerator and the freezer compartment.
The display board (VB) operates and shows a temperature of +5°C which flashes at a low frequency in the
refrigerator compartment display (4 seconds on and 1 off) and of -18°C in the freezer compartment display (4
seconds on and 1 off).
The light switches on when the door opens, but the compressor remains always off.
To deactivate the Demo function it is necessary to unplug the appliance or to push the temperature decrease
button and ON/OFF button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
ERF2000 Functions of the electronic boards Rev. 01


Table of Contents

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