Electrolux ERF2000 Service Manual

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© Electrolux Home Products S.p.A.
Spares Operations Italy
Corso lino Zanussi, 30
I - 33080 Porcia (PN)
Fax +39 0434 394096
Edition: 11.2006
Publication no.
599 38 43-56
electric valve
599 38 43-56



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  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATORS © Electrolux Home Products S.p.A. Spares Operations Italy Publication no. with Corso lino Zanussi, 30 electric valve I - 33080 Porcia (PN) 599 38 43-56 Fax +39 0434 394096 electronic S.O.I. ERF2000 DIGITS Edition: 11.2006 FACTORY: ZS...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ELECTRIC WIRING........................... 6 COMPONENTS ............................8 4.1 Control panel ............................. 8 4.2 Electronic boards ..........................9 4.2.1 ERF2000 Power board ......................10 4.2.2 ERF2000 DIGITS Display board..................... 12 4.3 Cooler and freezer compartments ....................13 4.3.1 Temperature sensors......................14 4.3.2 Door switch ..........................14 4.4 Compressor compartment .......................
  • Page 3: Introduction

    1 INTRODUCTION This manual describes the refrigerators with electric valve and ERF2000 DIGITS electronic produced in the Susegana factory called ZS. These models feature: static (static freezer, static cooler) total built-in DOOR ON DOOR door system single-compressor electronic control (electronic board ERF2000)
  • Page 4 The temperatures regulation is the following: • from +8 to +2 °C for the cooler; • from -15 to -24 °C for the freezer. The DIGIT display enables to show the temperatures of the two compartments. The appliance has the following functions: •...
  • Page 5: Refrigeration Circuit

    2 REFRIGERATION CIRCUIT Key: 1. compressor; 2. condenser; 3. anti-condensation coil; 4. dehydrator filter; 5. electric valve; 6. tube evaporator (cooler compartment); 7. plate evaporator (freezer compartment); 8. exchanger. The electric valve has 2 outlet capillaries to power: • cooler + freezer •...
  • Page 6: Electric Wiring

    3 ELECTRIC WIRING (Check the specific diagram for each model!) - ITZAA 6/26 599 38 43-56...
  • Page 7 Key: compressor lamp electric valve running capacitor (if featured) ERF2000 power board yellow-green brown blue white black - ITZAA 7/26 599 38 43-56...
  • Page 8: Components

    4 COMPONENTS 4.1 Control panel Key: Cooler compartment A. cooler ON/OFF indicator LED B. cooler ON/OFF button C. cooler temperature increase button (+) D. cooler temperature displaying E. cooler temperature decrease button (-) F. COOLMATIC Function LED (rapid cooling) G. COOLMATIC function button (rapid cooling) Freezer compartment H.
  • Page 9: Electronic Boards

    The electronic board of the appliance consists of: 1. ERF2000 power board 2. ERF2000 DIGITS display board The two electronic boards are connected by means of a flat cable with a connector; therefore, the two boards are available singularly as spare part.
  • Page 10: Erf2000 Power Board

    4.2.1 ERF2000 Power board - View of the electronic board (side of components): 1. earth contact 2. free 3. line 4. compressor 5. neutral 6. lamp neutral 7. lamp 8. neutral electric valve 9. electric valve 1. free 2. free...
  • Page 11 1. cooler air temperature sensor 2. cooler air temperature sensor 3. cooler evaporator temperature sensor 4. cooler evaporator temperature sensor 5. freezer air temperature sensor 6. freezer air temperature sensor 1. free 2. free 1. free 2. free 3. free 4.
  • Page 12: Erf2000 Digits Display Board

    4.2.2 ERF2000 DIGITS Display board Key: = reed element = ON/OFF button cooler+freezer = FROSTMATIC function button (rapid freezing) = freezer temperature increase button (+) = freezer temperature decrease button (-) = cooler ON/OFF button = COOLMATIC function button (rapid cooling)
  • Page 13: Cooler And Freezer Compartments

    4.3 Cooler and freezer compartments Key: A. freezer air temperature sensor; B. cooler air temperature sensor; C. cooler evaporator temperature sensor. 1. cooler door magnet; 2. display board reed element. - ITZAA 13/26 599 38 43-56...
  • Page 14: Temperature Sensors

    4.3.1 Temperature sensors 3 NTC sensors are used to detect the temperatures of the two compartments: • freezer air temperature sensor A (located on the freezer cell); • cooler air temperature sensor B (located on the cooler cell); • cooler evaporator temperature sensor C (located on the cooler cell). The sensors A, B and C feature the foamed cable inside the cabinet, therefore they are not replaceable (for further information, please see Service Bulletin 599374122).
  • Page 15: Electric Valve

    4.4.1 Electric valve The electric valve is of the 3-way bistable type. It is supplied together with the dehydrator filter. The connections of the electric valve are the following: central hose with dehydrator filter to connect the condenser; side hose (GS) to connect the capillary of the freezer circuit; side hose (KS) to connect the capillary of the cooler+freezer circuit.
  • Page 16: Main Functions

    5 MAIN FUNCTIONS 5.1 Normal Warning: Unplug the appliance before operating. In case of first switching on with a freezer compartment temperature higher than 10 °C, the appliance operates with a test cycle (for the factory) for a maximum time of about 1,5 hours. In this period do not perform tests for the correct operation of the appliance, since the loads of the appliance are activated only for internal check (compressor and electric valve).
  • Page 17: Frostmatic Function (Rapid Freezing)

    5.2 FROSTMATIC Function (rapid freezing) The FROSTMATIC function (rapid freezing) is activated by pushing the relative button, therefore: • The pilot lamp relative to the FROSTMATIC function lights up; • The compressor operates in thermostatic conditions and not continuously (like the temperature knob was on max.
  • Page 18: Malfunctioning Of Cooler Air Temperature Sensor

    5.5 Malfunctioning of cooler air temperature sensor If during the normal operation a failure occurs to the cooler NTC temperature sensor (the signal coming from the sensor is out of range), then: • The display shows cooler temperature sensor faulty. •...
  • Page 19: Malfunctioning Of Freezer Temperature Sensor

    5.6 Malfunctioning of freezer temperature sensor If during the normal operation a failure occurs to the freezer NTC temperature sensor (the signal coming from the sensor is out of range), then: • The display shows freezer temperature sensor faulty. • The appliance operates with preset cycle when the compressor is powered for 40 minutes and remains off for 40 minutes alternatively.
  • Page 20: Alarms

    6 ALARMS 6.1 Freezer compartment temperature alarm When the freezer compartment reaches -11 °C, the temperature alarm activates: • The display digits flash. • The temperature alarm pilot lamp light up. • The buzzer sounds. Push the alarm deactivation button to deactivate the buzzer. When normal conditions are reset (after a power failure): •...
  • Page 21: Special Functions

    7 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 7.1 Service Mode 7.1.1 Starting Service Mode To start the procedure, perform the following operations: 1. Connect the plug to the socket. 2. Switch on the appliance with the ON/OFF button. 3. Open the doors of the appliance. 4.
  • Page 22 8. Check of the counter. The display shows an increasing number at intervals of 1 second. This is a counter used by the board for its internal management. 9. Check of the temperature sensors. The display shows one of the following codes: Code DESCRIPTION No error...
  • Page 23: Demo Mode

    7.2 DEMO MODE The DEMO MODE function is intended only for the commercial activity and not for the user. The internal temperature of the appliance, measured by the air sensors, must be higher than +10 °C so as the function can be activated. 7.2.1 Start DEMO MODE To start the procedure, hold down the ON/OFF button cooler+freezer and the freezer temperature decrease button for more than 5 seconds.
  • Page 24: Accessibility

    8 ACCESSIBILITY Warning: Disconnect the appliance from the electric power before operating with the appliance. 8.1 Control panel To access the control panel and its components (power and display boards) perform the following operations in sequence: a. Open the cooler door. b) View of the control panel of the upper cross- c) Remove the programme plate removing the 2 piece.
  • Page 25: Display Symbols

    9 DISPLAY SYMBOLS 9.1 Cooler compartment DISPLAY DIGITS DESCRIPTION It indicates the cooler temperature with normal function NOT FLASHING [from +2 to +8]. It indicates the cooler temperature with DEMO MODE func- FLASHING tion [from +2 to +8]. It indicates the HOLIDAY function of the cooler compart- NOT FLASHING ment [15 °C].
  • Page 26: Freezer Compartment

    9.2 Freezer compartment DISPLAY DIGITS DESCRIPTION It indicates the freezer temperature with normal function NOT FLASHING [from -15 to -24]. It indicates the freezer temperature with DEMO MODE FLASHING function [from -15 to -24]. It indicates the malfunctioning of freezer air temperature NOT FLASHING sensor.