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8.1 Version for 4 stars

The description of the functions is the same as of the refrigerator compartment with the only difference for the
fast freezing function and the introduction of a balancing heater with automatic activation.

8.1.1 Fast freezing function in the 4 stars (FROSTMATIC)

The function activates by pushing fast freezing button, the corresponding led lights and, if activated, the letter
"A" appears on the display.
With this function the temperature is automatically set at +3°C for about 48 hours.
If you want to deactivate the function before time expires, just press the fast freezing button again.
By activating this function the balancing heater is powered or the refrigerator compartment lamp with full power.
The compressor is not powered continuously but functions with particular thermostatic conditions (temperature
control of +3°C) .

8.1.2 Balancing heater with automatic activation ( 4 stars )

The 4 star model features a balancing heater which is automatically activated when the NTC room sensor,
placed on the display board (VB), detects a room temperature lower than +15°C.
Without the balancing heater, it has been decided to power the internal lamp partially to obtain the same result
with a 1 minute delay after the door closure.

8.2 Version for DYNAMIC COOLER

8.2.1 Differences between the dynamic cooler model and a traditional model

The Dynamic Cooler models are featured with a fan which distributes the air in the refrigerator compartment
uniforming the temperatures and reducing to 1°C the temperature vertical gradient of the compartment.
This fan switches on immediately when the cut-in temperature both of the of the NTC air sensor and of the
evaporator NTC sensor while the compressor starts with some delay (2 min).
At first start of the compartment the fan and the compressor are powered at the same time.
When the air sensor reaches the cut-out temperature the compressor switches off and with some delay also the
fan (5 min).
Whenever the door is opened the fan switches off immediately while the compressor switches off with some
After 18 hours of operation of the compressor a forced defrosting procedure of the evaporator is started which
lasts 45 minutes and during which the fan is switched on and the compressor switched off.
During this extra defrosting the shown temperature value is fixed and the same as the last displayed value
before the start of this defrosting. In some versions the display shows the letter "C".

8.2.2 Quick Chill

In these models it is possible to activate the Quick Chill function by pressing the relative button; with this mode
the fan functions continuously, the appliance operates with a set temperature of 2°C and the display shows the
letter "C".
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