Control Functions; Switching The Appliance On And Off; Regulation Of The Freezer Temperature; Control Of Freezer Compartment - Electrolux ERF2000 Service Manual

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To start a compartment you need to press the ON/OFF button, respectively for the refrigerator and the freezer. It
starts immediately.
To switch off the compartment you need to press the ON/OFF button for at least 1 second. The switching off can
be accompanied by an optional countdown and the display shows 3, 2, 1 sequentially.
In some appliances the ON/OFF button controls the switching on of both the compartments (refrigerator and
freezer) and the switching off of the single compartment is integrated in the temperature increase button by
selecting the maximum temperature position.
By pushing the temperature decrease button, the compartment switches on again with the last set value.
To modify the freezer set temperature, push the temperature increase or decrease button. The temperature can
be set between the values –15°C and –24°C.
Once the temperature increase or decrease button has been pressed, the display flashes for 5 seconds showing
the set temperature. It is possible to modify the set temperature by pushing the temperature increase or
decrease within these 5 seconds. The display stops flashing and shows the temperature detected inside the
The minimum On time of the compressor is 1-2 minutes.
The minimum Off time varies from 5 to 20 minutes.
The switching on and off of the compressor of the freezer compartment are controlled by the air sensor of the
The Super function is activated through the actioning of the Super button, therefore:
the led corresponding to the Super function lights (if featured) and the display shows "A" or "SP" or the
measured temperature (depending on the models);
the compressor runs continuously for a fixed time and stops when the set Super cut-out temperature is
reached or, if this temperature is never reached, at the end of a max. prefixed time (about 52 hours).
If the button is pressed again the Super function deactivates:
the corresponding led switches off (if featured);
the compressor functions in thermostatic conditions.
In some models the fast-freezing function is activated through the actioning of the temperature decrease button
till the max cold position is reached (above -24°C). In this case to disconnect the Super function, push the
temperature increase button and select a new setting.
ERF2000 Functions of the electronic boards Rev. 01


3.1 Switching the appliance on and off

3.2 Regulation of the freezer temperature

3.3 Control of freezer compartment

3.4 Fast-freezing function



Table of Contents

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Table of Contents