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In this manual are described the functions of the electronic boards called ERF2000 which are mounted on the
new electronic appliances.
The ERF2000 electronic control always consists of 2 separable elements:
A VB display board which feature different versions according to the functions and the styling of the
appliance. The main components are the displays, the pushbuttons, the LEDs, the door switch and a
EEPROM memory in which both the appliance state (useful in case of a power interruption) and the
control and configuration parameters of the appliance are memorized;
A PB power board which contains the micro-controller (inside which there are the 2 RAM and ROM
memories), the AC/DC transformer, the triacs of loads power, the buzzer and the protections of the
electronic board.
Aim of this manual is to fully describe the standard functions of an appliance controlled by the new ERF2000
electronic and the operation of the service mode to check the efficiency of the electronic.
Warning: the power board, the display board and all the cables (the sensor cables included)
are powered with a voltage of 220-240V 50Hz even if the ON/OFF key is set on (OFF). Therefore,
disconnect the appliance before operating on the electronic board.
ERF2000 Functions of the electronic boards Rev. 01




Table of Contents

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Table of Contents