Alarms; Freezer Compartment Temperature Alarm; Refrigerator Compartment Temperature Alarm (Optional); Door Open Alarm (Optional) - Electrolux ERF2000 Service Manual

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4.1 Freezer compartment temperature alarm

When the temperature on the freezer display overcomes the pre-set limit (between –8°C and –12°C according to
the versions) the alarm switches on: the temperature alarm led and the display flash and the buzzer sounds.
If the alarm reset button is pushed, the buzzer stops sounding, the display shows the maximum reached
temperature for 5 seconds and the temperature alarm led continue to flash.
Only when the temperature falls below the pre-set limit also the temperature alarm led will switch off.
If the alarm condition stops automatically without pushing the alarm reset, the buzzer stops sounding but the
temperature alarm led and the display will flash.
Pushing the alarm reset button, the temperature alarm led stops flashing, while the display will show the
maximum reached temperature for 5 seconds.
When the appliance is installed for the first time and if the freezer compartment is warm, the temperature alarm
buzzer sounds and must be switched off by pushing the relative button.

4.2 Refrigerator compartment temperature alarm (optional)

Some models feature the refrigerator compartment temperature alarm which activates when the temperature in
the refrigerator compartment overcomes the pre-set limit (between +11°C and +15°C according to the versions).
At the end of the Holiday function, the temperature alarm will be switched on with a two-hour delay.

4.3 Door open alarm (optional)

In some models the open door alarm is featured ( see the user manual of the specific model! ).
The open door alarm can be activated by a sensor (reed-element) placed on the display board (VB) which
detects the presence of a magnet placed on the refrigerator door or by a switch.
As the picture shows, the magnet can be replaced only in the built-in models (in the Free-Standing models the
magnet is foamed inside the door, therefore it cannot be replaced)
ERF2000 Functions of the electronic boards Rev. 01


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