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Toro 38588 Operator's Manual Page 16

Power clear snowthrower.
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Table of Contents
1. Drive belt cover
2. Bolt (3)
3. Rotor pulley bolt
4. Curved washer
5. Rotor pulley
2. Unhook the brake spring from the idler arm to
release the belt tension (Figure 37).
3. Remove the screw and curved washer that holds the
rotor pulley (Figure 37).
4. Remove the rotor pulley and the drive belt
(Figure 37).
5. Install the new drive belt, routing it as shown in
(Figure 38).
1. Brake spring (install on
idler arm here)
2. Idler pulley
Note: Route the new drive belt first around the
engine pulley, then the idler pulley, and finally around
the loose rotor pulley positioned just above the rotor
shaft (Figure 37).
6. Install the rotor pulley onto the rotor shaft
(Figure 37).
7. Install the curved washer and the rotor pulley bolt
and tighten them securely (Figure 37).
Figure 37
6. Drive belt
7. Rotor shaft
8. Brake spring (unhook from
idler arm here)
9. Idler pulley
10. Engine pulley
Figure 38
3. Engine pulley
4. Rotor pulley
Note: The concave side of the curved washer goes
against the outside of the pulley.
8. Install the brake spring onto the idler arm (Figure 38).
9. Install the drive belt cover with the bolts you
removed in step 1.
Note: Ensure that the drive belt is properly adjusted
and operating; refer to Checking the Control Cable
and Adjusting the Control Cable.
Adjusting the Quick Shoot™
If there is more than 1/2 inch (13 mm) of slack in the
Quick Shoot cable (Figure 39) or the discharge chute
does not rotate left and right in equal angles, adjust the
Quick Shoot control cables.
1. 1/2 inch (13 mm) maximum slack
1. Loosen the two Quick Shoot control cable clamps
(Figure 40).
1. Cable clamps
2. Position the Quick Shoot control between the two
arrows located on the right hand side of the upper
handle (Figure 41).
Figure 39
Figure 40


Table of Contents

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