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How To Use - Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Quick Manual

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Using the Wireless Charging Pad
Connect the Wireless Charging Pad and a charger with a charging cable,
and plug the charger into an electric socket.
When the Wireless Charging Pad is connected to the
electric socket, the indicator light flashes from red to
green to orange, and then turns off.
Use only Samsung-approved chargers (over 2 A). Unauthorized
chargers may cause damage or malfunction.
Indicator light
Red → Green → Orange
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Device status
When connecting to the
power outlet
When not charging properly
When charging properly
When in Idle mode
Attach the Wireless Charging
Cover to a smartphone, and
then place the smartphone
on the Wireless Charging Pad.
The Wireless Charging Cover is sold separately. For more
information about the Wireless Charging Cover, refer to the
Wireless Charging Cover's user manual.
When the smartphone is fully charged, disconnect the charger from
the Wireless Charging Pad.
Check the smartphone's battery status looking at the charging
icon displayed on the screen.
Do not place any other object between the smartphone and the
Wireless Charging Pad. The smartphone may not charge properly.
Charging a smartphone with the Wireless Charging Pad in an area
with a weak signal may cause a significant drop in reception.
The Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with WPC certified devices.
Scan for compatibility
and more information

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