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Chapter 2. Using Windows 8; What Is Microsoft Windows 8 - Samsung 700A3D User Manual

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What is Microsoft Windows 8?

Microsoft Windows 8 (hereafter referred to as Windows) is an
operating system that is required for operating a computer.
To use your computer optimally, you need to know how to use it
properly. Therefore, It is better to learn how to use Windows by
utilizing Windows Help and Support.
The screen may appear somewhat diferent depending on
the model and the operating system.
Since this guide has been prepared based on Windows
8, some of the instructions may difer depending on the
version. It may also be modiied without prior notice.
The descriptions here are for using a mouse. For the
descriptions on using a touch screen, refer to the Using
the Touch Screen section.
Displaying Help
Press the F1 Key on the keyboard to display the Help.
Alternatively, place your mouse cursor over the end of the top or
bottom right area on the screen to display the Charms menu.
Click Charms menu > Settings > Help.
If you are connected to the internet, you can access the most
recent online Help.
You can view basic instructions on how to use
Get Started
your computer including new function(s) for the
Windows OS.
Internet &
After connecting to the network, you can check
the Help section required to use the internet.
You can check the Help information required
Security, privacy,
to protect your computer and personal
& accounts
Chapter 2
Using Windows 8
for Help


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