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Using A Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (Optional) - Samsung 700A3D User Manual

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Using a wireless keyboard/mouse
The wireless keyboard and mouse are optional and the
appearance and the color of the provided keyboard and mouse
may difer depending on the model.
Installing the wireless receiver
Open the Battery Cover at the bottom and insert the battery
in the right polarity (+,-).
Example) Wireless mouse
CONNECT button
Battery Cover
Power switch
If you set this switch to the OFF
position when not using the mouse,
you can save battery power.
Insert the wireless signal receiver into the USB 2.0 port at the
back of the computer.
Slide the power switch at the bottom of the mouse to the ON
Example) Wireless mouse
You can use the wireless keyboard and the mouse without
additional settings.
wireless signal
You can use the wireless keyboard and the wireless mouse
within a 5m distance of the wireless signal sensor.
The distance is subject to the surroundings and if there
is interference nearby, in particular a wireless LAN AP, the
distance may be decreased.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer


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