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Using The Multimedia App (Optional) - Samsung 700A3D User Manual

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Using the Multimedia App
You can enjoy photo, video and music iles with the S Camera, S
Gallery and S Player apps.
You can take photos and record videos with the S
S Camera
Camera app, and view them directly in this app.
Only photos or videos recorded with the S Camera
S Gallery
app can be viewed with the S Camera app.
You can view the photo, video and music iles saved
S Player
on the computer.
Depending on the version of the program, some functions
may not be provided or diferent functions may be provided.
Third-party software related services
For descriptions about and service requests for third-party
software, please contact the relevant manufacturer.
Some troubleshooting actions in response to service
requests may not work depending on the software
You can launch an app in the Start screen.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer


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