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Reinstalling Windows (Optional) - Samsung 700A3D User Manual

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Reinstalling Windows
You can reinstall Windows using the SYSTEM RECOVERY MEDIA
for Windows when Windows is no longer working properly.
(For models supplied with a SYSTEM RECOVERY MEDIA.)
These descriptions are for Windows 7/8 and Windows Vista and for
supported models only.
A SYSTEM RECOVERY MEDIA may not be supplied
depending on your computer model.
If you cannot start Windows, or if you want to delete
all existing data and reinstall Windows, install Windows
according to the descriptions in [Reinstalling when
Windows does not start].
Some pictures may difer from actual product.
These descriptions may difer depending on the operating
Reinstalling Windows may delete data (iles and programs)
saved on the hard disk drive.
Make sure to backup all important data. Samsung
Electronics shall not be held liable for any loss of data.
Reinstalling in Windows
Insert the SYSTEM RECOVERY MEDIA into the DVD drive.
If the Select Windows Installation window appears, click
Install Now. When the Select Update window appears, click
on the relevant item.
If you select Go online to get the latest updates for
installation in the Select Update window, the latest
updates are installed and Step 4 follows. At this time, the
computer must be connected to the Internet.
For Windows 7/8, the screen asking for the operating
system to be installed may appear depending on the
version. If you click the Next button, the screen of Step
If the User Agreement screen appears, select I accept the
license terms and then click Next.
For Windows 7/8, this screen may not appear depending on
the version.
Chapter 5.


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