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Using A Touch Screen (Touch Screen Models Only) - Samsung 700A3D User Manual

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Using a Touch Screen
A touch screens allows you to use your computer without a keyboard or mouse.
The touch screen instructions also describe the functions which can be activated via the touch screen.
If you are using your computer for a long period of time, it is recommended using a keyboard and mouse.
Make sure to operate your touch screen using your inger. If you operate your touch screen with a hard object, it will not work.
If there any foreign substances such as insects or water on the touch screen, your touch screen will not work properly.
Using a Touch Screening
This function is supported by Windows 8 touch screen models and is activated by some applications.
In addition, please note that supported functions may difer depending on the application.
Learning about Basic Touch Screen Operations
The touch screen interface is supported in Windows 8.
You can easily learn how to use the touch screen conveniently.
Touch Operation
(Touch screen models only)
Dragging from the right edge
toward the center
Function Description
Displays the Charms menu which is hidden at the right of the screen.
Chapter 2
Using Windows 8


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