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Operation - Craftsman 138. 99077 Operator's Manual

40v lithium-ion cordless blower
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Do not allow familiarity with this
product to make you careless. Remember that
a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to
inflict serious injury.
Always wear eye protection with
side shields marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1,
along with hearing protection. Failure to do so
could result in objects being thrown into your
eyes and other possible serious injuries.
Do not use any attachments
or accessories not recommended by the
manufacturer of this product. The use of
attachments or accessories not recommended
can result in serious personal injury.
Blower is intended for household
use only.
Before each use, inspect the entire product for damaged,
missing, or loose parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, caps,
etc. Tighten securely all fasteners and caps and do not
operate this product until all missing or damaged parts
are replaced. Call 1-888-266-7096 for assistance in
obtaining replacement parts.
You may use this product for the purposes listed below:
■ Clearing hard surfaces such as driveways and
■ Keeping decks and driveways free from leaves and
pine needles
IMPORTANT: For complete charging instructions,
refer to the Operator's Manuals for your Craftsman
40 V battery pack and charger.
3 page ii.
Always remove battery pack from
the product when you are assembling parts, making
adjustments, cleaning, or when not in use. Removing
battery pack will prevent accidental starting that could
cause serious personal injury.


To install:
■ Place the power switch in the OFF ( O ) position.
■ Place the battery pack in the blower. Align raised rib
on battery pack with groove in the blower's battery
■ Make sure the latch on the battery pack snaps in
place and that the battery pack is secured in the
blower before beginning operation.
CAUTION: When placing battery pack in the tool, be sure
raised rib on battery pack aligns with the bottom of the tool
and latches into place properly. Improper installation of the
battery pack can cause damage to internal components.
To remove:
■ Place the power switch in the OFF ( O ) position.
■ Locate the latch on the front of the battery pack and
depress to release the battery pack from the blower.
■ Remove battery pack from the blower.
Craftsman 40 V lithium-ion batteries are designed with
features that protect the lithium-ion cells and maximize
battery life. Under some operating conditions, these built-in
features may cause the battery and the tool it is powering
to act differently from nickel-cadmium batteries. During
some applications, the battery electronics may signal the
battery to shut down, and cause the tool to stop running.
To reset the battery and tool, place the power switch in
the OFF position; then start the unit and resume normal
operation. If placing the power switch in the OFF position
does not reset the battery and tool, the battery pack is
depleted.If depleted, the battery pack will begin charging
when placed on the lithium-ion charger.
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