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Operation - Craftsman 138. 99077 Operator's Manual

40v lithium-ion cordless blower
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To reduce the risk of injury, charge
only Craftsman lithium-ion batteries on the
chargers listed in the General Safety Rules. Other
types of batteries may burst, causing personal
injury or damage.
page ii.
The blower is equipped with a Variable switch.
■ Install the battery pack.(Refer to To Install /
Remove Battery Pack)
■ Roll the speed dial forward (A) until a positive click
is heard and the blower turns ON.
■ Rotate the dial forward to increase speed up to 150
■ To turn off: Rotate the dial backwards (B) until unit
shuts off.
■ OPERATING THE BLOWER See Figure 4 page ii.
■ To keep from scattering debris, blow around the
outer edges of a debris pile. Never blow directly
into the center of a pile.
■ To reduce sound levels, limit the number of pieces
of equipment used at any one time.
■ Use rakes and brooms to loosen debris before
blowing. In dusty conditions, slightly dampen
surfaces when water is available.
■ Conserve water by using blowers instead of hoses
for many lawn and garden applications, including
areas such as gutters, screens, patios, grills,
porches, and gardens.
■ Watch out for children, pets, open windows, or
freshly washed cars, and blow debris safely away.
■ After using blowers or other equipment, CLEAN
UP! Dispose of debris properly.


operating condition. Therefore, switch should
always be in the OFF position when not in use or
carrying at your side.
8 — English
Battery tools are always in



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