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Craftsman 125B Operator's Manual


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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 125B

  • Page 1 2SEx_sERIES Manuel d'utUisation, 23-44 2-22 .125B Operator's manual, ES Manual de instrucciones, 45-66...
  • Page 2 CONTENTS Contents The blower is used for blowing away leaves and other debris on the ground. When op- Introduction ....erating the blower, the operator must stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Key to symbols ....Safety instructions ....
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols

    KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbol Descrlptien Locatio_ ;yml Descrtpt{on Location _"_. lllmaythr°w ohi tsatI I II high veJocity that can carried out after ricochet and hit the op- × × the engine and discon- eratoL This may cause nected tile spark plug sedous eye damage must make sure that intervals is required...
  • Page 4: Personal Safety Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal safety equipment Muffler Persons who use the blower shall wear the The muffler is designed to give the lowest following safety equipment: possible noise level and to direct the en- gine's exhaust fumes away from the opera- 1.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Be careful, particularly if _ett hand opera- tion is applied. Avoid any direct body con- tact with inlet cover area. Keep jewelry, loose clothing, or clothing with loosely hanging straps, ties, tassels, etc., away from inlet cover area.
  • Page 6 DESCRIPTION The blower 1. Shoulder strap (125BV x SERIES) 13. Fan impeller Throttle trigger 14. Standard nozzle STOPswitch 15. High ve{ocity nozzle Variab{espeed control 16. BIowertube Fan housing 17. Tube clamp bolt Fuel cap 18. Tube clamp nut Airfilter 19. Muffler Choke 20.
  • Page 7 DESCRIPTION Accessories (125Bx_sERIES and 125BVx_sERIES ) © 21. Vacuum device with collection components consisting of items 22-26 below 22. Collection bag tube 23. Collection 24. Vacuum tube in two sections 25. Screw 26. Shoulder strap 545154658 Rev. 5 7/15/08 English-7...
  • Page 8: Safety Equipment

    DESCRIPTION Safety equipment Other equipment The following equipment on the blower designed for protecting personnel Throttle trigger materials. These components should • The speed and the output of the engine receive special attention whenever are regulated by the throttle trigger (C). operate, inspect and service the blower.
  • Page 9 DESCRIPTION Ground wire • The nozzles (L) have a bayonet mount for connection to the blower tube• Air is • The ground wire (G) reduces static beNd-up during operation in dry condb channeled through the blower tube to the tions. nozzles, where the air discharge velocity...
  • Page 10 DESCRIPTION Choke Adjusting the carburetor NOT FOR ALL MODELS • The choke (Q) is located below the air filter cover and should be used every • There are three adjusting screws (R) for time the engine is cold-started adiusting the carburetor: •...
  • Page 11: Fuel Handling

    FUELHANDLING Fuel mixture • Always start by filling haft the amount of the gasoline to be used. Then add the CAUTION! The machine is equipped with entire amount of oil. Mix (shake) the fuel a two-stroke engine and must always mixture.
  • Page 12: Starting And Stopping

    STARTING AND STOPPING Starting: Hold the body of the machine the ground using your ]eft hand CAUTION! Not with your foot0. Firmly grip the starter rope handle with your right hand. DO NOT squeeze throttle trigger, Slowly pull out the cord until you feel some resistance (the starter paw_s grip);...
  • Page 13: Using The Blower

    USING THE BLOWER To blow away debris on the ground Fitting the blower tube nozzle !,½ : on the blower °i &WARNING: When fitting the blow- er tube and nozzle, the engine must be switched off. The blower tube (T) has a begged slot mounting system to the unit.
  • Page 14 USING THE BLOWER 1. Open the collection bag. Insert the collection bag tube from inside the bag to if the inlet cover is not closed, fit in the vacuum inlet opening of the bag damaged or cannot be closed &WARNING: Never start the blower as shown.
  • Page 15 USING THE BLOWER Vacuuming Always WARNING: check that Before vacuuming, put on tile required tbe collection bag is intact and the safety equipment. zipper is closed before starting blower. Never use a damaged bag. WARNING: When working with There is risk of injury due to flying the blower, wear the required...
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Safety Maintenance The owner is responsible for the perfor- mance of all required maintenance defined in the operator's manual. Disconnect the spark plug before perform- ing maintenance, except carburetor adjust- ments. &WARNING: tmproper mainte- nance could result in serious engine damage or in serious injury.
  • Page 17: Air Filter

    MAINTENANCE WARNING: Mufflers fitted with catalytic converters get very hot during use and remain so for some time after stopping. This also ap- plies at idle speed. Contact can re- sult in burns to the skin. Remember the risk of fire! Air filter WARNING: Bear in mind that:...
  • Page 18: Spark Plug

    MAINTENANCE Spark plug Weekly maintenance • Check the condition of the starter device, the starter cord and the tensioning spring. Replace damaged parts. • Check the condition of the air intake at The spark plug condition is influenced by: the starter device. Remove debris if it is •...
  • Page 19: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Technical data 125B 125Bx_sERIES 125BVx_sERIES Engine Cylinder volume, cu.Jn./cm3 1.7/28 1.7/28 1.7/28 Cylinder bore, inch/mm 1.4/35 1.4/35 1.4/35 1.130/28.7 1.130/28.7 1.130/28.7 Stroke, inch/mm Idle speed, rpm 2,800-3,200 2,800-3,200 2,800-3,200 Max. speed - bbwing, rpm: 8,600 8,600 8,600 Max. speed - vacuuming, rpm: 7,500 7,500 Max.
  • Page 20: Warranty

    WARRANTY STATEMENT SECTION 1: UMITED WARRANTY THESE PRODUCTS EXCEPT TO THE EX- TENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE CaW. Husqvarna warrants Huegvama product to ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR MER- the original purchaser to be free from defects CHANTABIUTY OR FITNESS FOR A PAR- in material and workmanship from the date of TICUCaR PURPOSE ON THESE PROD-...
  • Page 21 U.S. EPA / CALIFORNIA / ENVIRONMENT CANADA EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS WARRANTY COMMENCEMENT OBLIGATIONS: DATE: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, The warranty period begins on the date the California Air Resources Board, Environment small off-road engine is purchased Canada and HUSQVARNA are pleased to LENGTH...
  • Page 22 U.S. EPA / CALIFORNIA / ENVIRONMENT CANADA EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY MAINTENANCE, REPLACEMENT REPAIR OF EMISSION PARTS LIST: LATED PARTS: Carburetor, Ignition System: Spark Plug Any HUSQVARNA approved replacement (covered up to maintenance schedule), Igni- part used in the performance of any warran- tion Module, Muffler including...

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