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Maintenance Schedule - Electrolux vacuum cleaner Owner's Manual

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Maintenance schedule

Turn power switch to off (O) position and unplug power cord before cleaning filters.
Do not operate vacuum cleaner without filters in place, as this could cause severe damage to vacuum.
EACH USE – Empty dust cup after each use OR when debris reaches fill line
Press down carrying handle
and pull out dust cup.
EACH USE – Check filter screen. Remove and wash screen if debris is visible.
Filter screen is inside dust
cup. Pull gray lever to release.
RED INDICATOR LIGHT – Clean foam filter
Pull up tab to release filter cover. Wash foam filter and frame. Air dry;
reposition in cover. Press firmly at top to snap frame back in place. Filter
cover will not close if foam filter and frame are not in installed correctly.
2 4
Hold over waste basket.
Pull up orange lever to release lid.
If needed, wash screen with
soap and water. Dry thoroughly.
Filter cover
Filter frame
Foam filter
Bottom lid will release;
both chambers will empty.
Replace screen. Turn clockwise
to fit tabs into grooves and lock.
6 MONTHS – Replace HEPA filter
Remove dust cup and set aside.
Pull filter cover up and out.
Close bottom lid until it snaps.
Put dust cup back in place.
Filter screen must be in place
to reinstall dust cup.
Grasp tab and pull out filter.
Replace with new filter.

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