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IBM EtherLink XL User Manual

10/100 fast etherlink xl adapters by 3com
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IBM 10/100 Fast EtherLink
Adapters by 3Com
User Guide
by IBM



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  Summary of Contents for IBM EtherLink XL

  • Page 1 ® IBM 10/100 Fast EtherLink Adapters by 3Com User Guide OPTIONS by IBM...
  • Page 2 This publication was produced in the United States of America. This publication was developed for products and services offered in the United States of America. IBM may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in other countries, and the information is subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ONTENTS BOUT UIDE Finding Specific Information in This Guide Conventions NTRODUCTION Industry-Leading Performance DynamicAccess Software Remote Wake-Up Installation and Configuration 10/100 Mbps Support PC and Server Requirements How Do I Install the 3C905B-TX Adapter? NSTALLING THE Connecting to the Network Connecting the Remote Wake-Up Cable NSTALLING THE Windows 95...
  • Page 4 Using the DOS Configuration Program PECIFICATIONS Specifications RJ-45 Connector Pin Assignments ECHNICAL Help and Service Information Step 1. Problem Solving Step 2. Preparing for the Call Step 3. Placing the Call to IBM Additional Technical Support Resources Troubleshooting Status LEDs 3-10 3-10 3-12 3-13...
  • Page 5 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Accessing the 3C905B-TX Adapter Help System Displaying Release Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, and the KnowledgeBase Running the Self-Test Running the Echo Test 3Com Support Services Removing the 3C905B-TX Adapter PACE and 3NICDIAGS Software Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 B-12 Checking the Remote Wake-up Function 3Com DOS Diagnostic Program...
  • Page 7 IGURES 3C905B-TX Adapter 3C905B-TX Adapter Installation Steps Inserting the Adapter Connecting the Network Cable to the RJ-45 Port Connecting the Adapter to the Connector 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program General Screen 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Properties Screen RJ-45 Connector Pin Assignments LEDs 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program General Screen Diagnostics Screen...
  • Page 8 ABLES Notice Icons Text Conventions Network Driver Text File Names Option Settings LED Descriptions Frequently Asked Questions viii 3-14 B-16...
  • Page 9: About This Guide

    About This Guide provides an overview of this guide, describes guide conventions, and tells you where to look for specific information. This guide describes how to install, configure, and troubleshoot the IBM 10/100 Fast EtherLink by 3Com. If the information in the README.TXT file on the EtherDisk the information in this guide, follow the instructions in the README.TXT file.
  • Page 10: Conventions

    BOUT UIDE Conventions Table 1 and Table 2 list conventions that are used throughout this guide. Table 1 Notice Icons Icon Notice Type Information note Caution Warning Table 2 Text Conventions Convention Commands Screen displays The words “enter” and “type” Menu commands and buttons Words in italicized...
  • Page 11: Introduction

    NTRODUCTION The IBM 10/100 Fast EtherLink ® XL Adapters by 3Com provide a high-performance connection to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. These adapters operate at 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps automatically, depending on the speed of the connected hub.
  • Page 12: Industry-Leading Performance

    1: I HAPTER NTRODUCTION Unless specifically indicated, the name 3C905B-TX is used throughout this guide to refer to both adapters. This chapter describes the 3C905B-TX adapter features and PC and server requirements. Industry-Leading Performance The 3C905B-TX adapter provides the following performance features: Interactive Access technology to minimize CPU utilization Parallel Tasking...
  • Page 13: Remote Wake-Up

    Remote Wake-Up Remote Wake-Up support is enabled for the 3C905B-TX adapter. If you are using the 3C905B-TX adapter in a PC that supports Remote Wake-Up through the PCI bus, the adapter will respond to a remote Wake-Up command or magic packet signal from a sleep state. Installation and Configuration The 3Com NIC Diagnostics program allows you to test the 3C905B-TX adapter, configure it, and display the...
  • Page 14: Pc And Server Requirements

    1: I HAPTER NTRODUCTION PC and Server Requirements Your PC or server must have: An 80386, 80486, or Pentium processor An available bus mastering PCI slot A minimum of 640K of memory Make sure that you are running the latest BIOS for your PC or server, even if your PC is new.
  • Page 15: Installing The Adapter

    NSTALLING THE There are two types of 3C905B-TX adapters: the 3C905B-TX adapter and the 3C905B-TX-NM adapter. They are both installed in your PC and connected to the network in exactly the same way. After you connect the 3C905B-TX adapter to the network, you connect the Remote Wake-Up cable to the motherboard.
  • Page 16 2: I HAPTER NSTALLING THE 6 Unscrew the screw holding the PCI slot’s backplate and remove it. 7 Insert the 3C905B-TX adapter into an empty PCI slot, shown in Figure 2-1. Make sure that the adapter is firmly seated in the slot. Figure 2-1 Inserting the Adapter 8 Secure the adapter with the screw you removed earlier.
  • Page 17: Connecting To The Network

    11 Proceed to the next section, “Connecting to the Network.” Connecting to the Network You must connect the adapter to the network before installing the network driver. To connect the 3C905B-TX adapter to the network cable, follow these steps: 1 Connect the network cable to the RJ-45 port on the 3C905B-TX adapter, as shown in Figure 2-2.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Remote Wake-Up Cable

    2: I HAPTER NSTALLING THE Connecting the Remote Wake-Up Cable WARNING: Install the adapter in slot 1 in the PC (as described earlier) before plugging in the 3-pin connector. Only properly trained and authorized personnel should perform service. Contact your PC manufacturer for information about safe service techniques.
  • Page 19: Installing The Network Driver

    This chapter describes how to install the network driver that completes your PC connection to the network. The 3C905B-TX adapter software is installed with the network driver. Instructions are provided for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and NetWare DOS client and server driver installation.
  • Page 20 For Novell NetWare networks, go to step 10. The default Microsoft network setup contains the following components: Client for Microsoft Networks Client for Novell Networks 3Com EtherLink XL Adapter 3Com dRMON SmartAgent PC software IPX/SPX compatible protocol NetBEUI protocol ETWORK...
  • Page 21 Microsoft Client for Microsoft Network NetBEUI The network components should now include: Client for NetWare Networks 3Com EtherLink XL Adapter 3Com dRMON SmartAgent PC software IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol If a protocol is missing, follow these steps: a Select the protocol and click Add.
  • Page 22: Confirming Installation

    The System Properties box appears, detailing your system setup. 4 Click the Device Manager tab. A list of devices appears, arranged by type. 5 Double-click Network Adapters. The name of the installed 3C905B-TX adapter appears: 3Com EtherLink XL Adapter (3C905B) ETWORK RIVER...
  • Page 23: Windows 98

    2 Double-click the System icon, and then select the Device Manager tab. 3 Double-click Network adapters and make sure that the name of the EtherLink or Fast EtherLink XL adapter appears. If a red X appears next to the name of the adapter, the installation was not successful.
  • Page 24: Upgrading From Windows 95 To Windows 98

    Upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 98 If you are upgrading a PC from Windows 95 to Windows 98 that already has an EtherLink or Fast EtherLink XL (3C90xB) adapter installed, you may have to update the driver in the Device Manager using EtherDisk Diskette #2.
  • Page 25: Windows Nt Version 4.0

    2 Restart the PC and start Windows NT. 3 In the Control Panel, double-click Network. 4 In the Network window, select the Adapter tab. 5 Select 3Com EtherLink XL NIC. 6 Click Update. 7 Insert EtherDisk Diskette #2. The driver is updated.
  • Page 26 3: I HAPTER NSTALLING THE If this 3C905B-TX adapter is replacing an adapter already installed, follow these steps: a Select the existing adapter (that is being replaced) in the Installed Adapters group. b Click Remove. c Click Yes in the Warning dialog box. d Reboot the PC and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.
  • Page 27: Windows Nt Version 3.51

    Windows NT Version 3.51 If you already have the 3C905B-TX adapter network driver and want to update it, follow the instructions provided in the next section. Updating the Network Driver To update the driver, follow these steps: 1 Install the 3C905B-TX adapter and connect it to the network, as described in Chapter 2.
  • Page 28: Netware For Windows 3.1X, Windows For Workgroups, And Dos

    HAPTER NSTALLING THE 7 Insert EtherDisk Diskette #2 in drive A and click OK. 8 In the Select OEM Option box, select 3Com EtherLink XL PCI Adapter (3C905B). 9 Click OK. The Bus Location window appears. 10 Click OK. Windows NT copies the files from EtherDisk Diskette #2.
  • Page 29: Running The Autolink Program

    NetWare for Windows 3.1x, Windows for Workgroups, and DOS Running the AutoLink Program 1 Install the adapter and connect it to the network, as described in Chapter 2. 2 Reboot, using a DOS diskette. 3 Insert EtherDisk Diskette #1 in drive A. 4 Run the Install program.
  • Page 30: Installing The Novell Netware Server Driver

    4 Press F3 to change the path. 5 At the A:\ prompt, enter: nwserver The installation program gathers the files and prompts you for an adapter selection. 6 Select 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 Ethernet NIC. 7 Press Enter to continue the server installation. ETWORK RIVER...
  • Page 31: Multiple Adapters

    Installing the Novell NetWare Server Driver 3-13 Multiple Adapters To support more than one adapter in a server, edit the AUTOEXEC.NCF file to the following format: load C:\SERVER\3C90X.LAN PORT=<port1> NAME=<name1> FRAME=<frametype> load C:\SERVER\3C90X.LAN PORT=<port2> NAME=<name2> FRAME=<frametype> Port1 and port2 are the 3C905B-TX adapter’s PCI port addresses, and name1 and name2 are user-specified names assigned to distinguish the multiple adapters.
  • Page 32: Supported Network Drivers

    Windows for Workgroups Windows for Workgroups (NetWare) Windows for Workgroups (NDIS 2) Windows for Workgroups (NDIS 3) Banyan VINES Microsoft LAN Manager IBM LAN Server (DOS) IBM LAN Server (OS/2) Artisoft LANtastic ETWORK RIVER Text File Name Network Driver Name W95NDIS.TXT EL90XND3.SYS/ EL90XND4.SYS...
  • Page 33: Changing Configuration

    This chapter describes how to display and change configuration settings for the 3C905B-TX adapter using the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program. Before you change the settings, contact your system administrator. Configuration Settings Table 4-1 lists each configuration option, the default setting, and the available settings. Table 4-1 Option Settings Option Default Setting...
  • Page 34: Displaying Configuration Settings

    4: C HAPTER HANGING Displaying Configuration Settings If you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT, use the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program to display and change configuration settings. The 3Com NIC Diagnostics program is automatically installed with the network driver. Driver installation is described in Chapter 3.
  • Page 35: 3Com Nic Diagnostics Program General Screen

    Changing Configuration Settings Figure 4-1 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program General Screen Figure 4-2 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Properties Screen...
  • Page 36: Changing Pace Configuration

    4: C HAPTER HANGING 2 To display the options for each setting, select the setting and scroll through the options pull-down menu to the right. Click the Help button to display Help for this screen. Click the question mark (?) at the top of the screen, drag it to a value, and click.
  • Page 37: Changing Pace Ranges And Protocols

    Changing PACE Ranges and Protocols You can add information for PACE applications not listed on the PACE Applications screen. You must specify the port or socket ranges as well as the network protocol being used. Refer to the PACE application user guide. The PACE network driver uses these ranges to determine whether a packet should be treated as high-priority.
  • Page 38: Pace Advanced Options

    4: C HAPTER HANGING PACE Advanced Options PACE Advanced Options are used to fine-tune the way the network driver handles types of PACE traffic. In general, these values need not be altered. Contact your network administrator before using these options. 1 To display the PACE Advanced Options screen, click the Advanced Options tab on the PACE Applications screen.
  • Page 39: Specifications

    This appendix lists the specifications and connector pin assignments for the 3C905B-TX adapter. Specifications Network Interface 10 Mbps Ethernet 10BASE-T 100 Mbps Ethernet 100BASE-TX Physical Dimensions Height: Length: Environmental Operating Range Operating temperature: 0˚ to 70 ˚C (32˚ to 158 ˚F) Humidity: Power Requirements Operating voltage:...
  • Page 40: Rj-45 Connector Pin Assignments

    A: S PPENDIX PECIFICATIONS RJ-45 Connector Pin Assignments Figure A-1 shows the RJ-45 connector pin assignments for the 3C905B-TX adapter. D A T A A C T 1 0 0 Figure A-1 RJ-45 Connector Pin Assignments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 TD _ RD _...
  • Page 41: Technical Support

    Systems Group Bulletin Board System (PSG BBS) at 1-919-517-0001. You can also get help and information through the IBM PC HelpCenter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Response time may vary depending on the number and nature of the calls received.
  • Page 42: Step 1. Problem Solving

    If you are installing this option in an IBM computer, also visit the applicable Web page for that computer model. These pages might also contain useful hints and tips related to installation of this option and might refer to BIOS or device-driver updates required for your computer model.
  • Page 43: Step 2. Preparing For The Call

    For the support telephone number and support hours by country, refer to the following table or to the enclosed technical support insert. If the number is not provided, contact your IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative. Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Canada U.S.A.
  • Page 44: Additional Technical Support Resources

    B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL Additional Technical Support Resources Online assistance can be obtained through the IBM Automated Fax System, the Personal Computing Web page, and the PSG Electronic Bulletin Board System. Online Technical Support IBM Personal Computing Web Page IBM PSG BBS...
  • Page 45 The 3C905B-TX adapter has three status LEDs, as shown in Figure B-1 and described in Table B-1. D A T A A C T 1 0 0 Figure B-1 LEDs Table B-1 LED Descriptions Description 10 LNK Green: Link integrity 100 LNK Green: Link integrity...
  • Page 46: 3Com Nic Diagnostics Program

    B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Use the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program for Windows 95 and Windows NT to test the 3C905B-TX adapter and change configuration. To change the adapter’s configuration, see Chapter 4. If you are running NetWare Client 32 with the NetWare ODI driver, use the DOS diagnostic program described in the INSTRUCT.TXT file in the HELP directory on EtherDisk Diskette #1.
  • Page 47: Displaying Release Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, And The Knowledgebase

    Displaying Release Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, and the KnowledgeBase To access the Release Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, and KnowledgeBase information, follow these steps: 1 Click the Support tab, shown in Figure B-2. 2 Click the Release Notes button on the Support screen. The Release Notes Help screen appears.
  • Page 48: 3Com Nic Diagnostics Program General Screen

    B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL Figure B-2 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program General Screen To access the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program later by clicking its icon in the system tray, click the check box next to Enable Tray Control. 6 Click the Diagnostics tab to display the Diagnostics screen, shown in Figure B-3.
  • Page 49: Running The Echo Test

    You need two PCs with 3Com adapters or IBM 10/100 Fast EtherLink XL Adapters by 3Com installed to run an echo test: one PC to send data and one PC to receive data.
  • Page 50: 3Com Support Services

    The 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Support screen, shown in Figure B-4, provides access to the following support services: 3Com NIC Diagnostics program 3C905B-TX adapter Release Notes 3Com BBS telephone numbers and modem speeds 3Com World Wide Web information 3Com problem report generator (not available to IBM) UPPORT...
  • Page 51: 3Com Nic Diagnostics Program Support Screen

    1 To access the 3Com NIC Diagnostics support screen, click the Support tab on the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program main screen, shown in Figure B-2. The 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Support screen appears, shown in Figure B-4. Figure B-4 3Com NIC Diagnostics Program Support Screen Click Diagnostics to run the 3Com NIC Diagnostics program.
  • Page 52: Removing The 3C905B-Tx Adapter Pace And 3Nicdiags Software

    B-12 B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL Removing the 3C905B-TX Adapter PACE and 3NICDIAGS Software You can remove the PACE and 3NICDIAGS software from your PC using Windows 95, Windows NT, or DOS. Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 To remove the PACE and 3NICDIAGS software, follow these steps: 1 In the Windows Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs.
  • Page 53: 3Com Dos Diagnostic Program

    2 Verify the driver version. The driver must be at least version 2.23.40. a Click Properties. b Click the Version tab. c Check the EL90X.SYS driver version. If the version is lower than 3.1, download an updated version of the driver from the 3Com Web site: 3 If the version of the driver is up to date, the keywords are enabled, and the PC still does not...
  • Page 54: Crossover Cable Troubleshooting Tips

    B-14 B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL Crossover Cable Troubleshooting Tips When you work with network cabling, concentrators, and adapters from different vendors, it is possible to connect everything and still have no communication between file servers and workstations. When there are several unknown variables, it is difficult to determine which component is broken.
  • Page 55: Troubleshooting Hubs With Crossover Cable

    Using wires from opposing pairs can cause signals to be lost. For a 100BASE-TX cable, pins #1 and #2, and #3 and #6 must be on the same twisted strand. Troubleshooting Hubs with Crossover Cable When there is doubt whether a hub is performing correctly, or if the impedance settings are in question, a crossover cable can help you isolate the failing component.
  • Page 56: Frequently Asked Questions

    For Novell NetWare servers, avoid using IRQ 7 or 15. These IRQs only support nonshared devices and may cause problems if they are shared between two devices. Yes, the Fast EtherLink XL network drivers are Microsoft-certified. Yes, the Fast EtherLink XL ODI drivers are Novell-certified.
  • Page 57 Table B-2 Frequently Asked Questions (continued) Question How do I remove the 3Com icon from my system tray? How can I get a SCO driver? How can I remove the 3C905B-TX adapter PACE and 3NICDIAGS software? Does the 3C905B-TX adapter support full-duplex? Why does the 3C905B-TX adapter install as a “Generic PCI...
  • Page 58 B-18 B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL Table B-2 Frequently Asked Questions (continued) Question What should I do if a yellow exclamation point appears next to the 3C905B-TX adapter name? What is the hardware IP header checksum? Does the 3C905B-TX adapter support NetWare versions 3.11 or 4.0x? What does Remote Wake-Up How can I tell if my PC supports...
  • Page 59 Table B-2 Frequently Asked Questions (continued) Question What is a Magic Packet? What is a cable connect/disconnect? What is Fast IP? What are the PC and network requirements to run Fast IP? What are the network configuration requirements for Fast IP? What is the performance gain when using Fast IP? Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Page 60: Accessing The 3Com World Wide Web Page

    B-20 B: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL UPPORT Accessing the 3Com World Wide Web Page The 3Com Web site features news and information about 3Com products, customer service and support, 3Com’s latest drivers, technical information, and more. To access 3Com’s World Wide Web site, enter the 3Com URL into your Internet browser:
  • Page 61: Glossary

    LOSSARY 10BASE-T The IEEE 802.3 standard for a 10 Mbps baseband network on twisted-pair cable. 100BASE-T The IEEE 802.3 standard for a 100 Mbps baseband network over twisted-pair cable. 100BASE-TX The IEEE 802.3 standard for a 100 Mbps baseband network over two-pair Category 5 UTP or STP wire. 10/100 auto-negotiation (NWay) Signaling scheme that allows the adapter and the hub to negotiate between 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T, and...
  • Page 62 LOSSARY full scatter gather Technique that reduces CPU utilization by coordinating multiple storage locations for received data with no CPU utilization and then collecting it from multiple memory locations for transmission. infinite bursting Technology that enables the 3C905B-TX adapter to move data continuously across the PCI bus without breaks in the data transfer previously caused by cache size limitations.
  • Page 63 Frequently Asked Questions B-16 full-duplex 4-1 Help system accessing B-6 Frequently Asked Questions B-6 KnowledgeBase B-6 Release Notes B-6 IBM LAN Server 3-14 installing drivers Artisoft LANtastic 3-14 AutoLink 3-14 Banyan VINES 3-14 IBM LAN Server 3-14 LAN Manager 3-14 NetWare Client 32 3-14 NetWare for DOS, Windows 3.1x,...
  • Page 64 PC and server requirements 1-4 physical dimensions A-1 pin assignments A-2, B-15 power requirements A-1 Release Notes B-6 Remote Wake-Up, checking B-12 removing the 3C905B-TXNM-IBM adapter PACE and 3NICDIAGS software B-12 RJ-45 connector pin assignments A-2 server driver, Novell NetWare 3-12 support services B-10...
  • Page 65 The replacement may not be new, but will be in good working order. If IBM or your reseller is unable to repair or replace the Machine, you may return it to your place of purchase and your money will be refunded.
  • Page 66 IBM or your reseller of changes in a Machine’s location. IBM is responsible for loss of, or damage to, your Machine while it is 1) in IBM’s possession or 2) in transit in those cases where IBM is responsible for the transportation charges.
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  • Page 68 Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility. IBM can not accept responsibility for any failure to satisfy the protection requirements resulting from a non-recommended modification of the product, including the fitting of non-IBM option cards.
  • Page 69 RADEMARKS The following terms are trademarks of the IBM Corporation in the United States or other countries or both: IBM and OS/2 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
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