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IBM 5U Rackmount Server Chassis YY-R5xx Installation Manual

Pedestal server chassis, 5u rackmount server chassis
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Pedestal Server Chassis
5U Rackmount Server Chassis

Installation Guide

2005.04. Version B



  Summary of Contents for IBM 5U Rackmount Server Chassis YY-R5xx

  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    YY-W2xx Pedestal Server Chassis YY-R5xx 5U Rackmount Server Chassis Installation Guide 2005.04. Version B ZZ17-W2001-B...
  • Page 2 1. Introduction 2. Hardware Packing List 3. System Installation 3.1.Chassis Open 3.2.Motherboard Installation 3.3.Add-on Card Installation 3.4.CD–ROM Drive/FDD Installation. 3.5.Fixed HDD Cage , HDD Installation 3.6.Instructions for Switches and LED Indicators on front panel 3.7.Instructions for cooling fan assembly 3.8.Rack Mount Sliding Rails Installation 4.1 System Assembly 4.
  • Page 3 1. INTRODUCTION YY-W2 series Server Chassis is designed in compliant with EEB3.0 specification (refer to and ATXV2.1 (refer to Mother Board: YY-W2 is designed for extended ATX (12"x13"), in compliant with ATX spec, CEB and EEB3.0 spec. Storage: The chassis supply drive bays with flexible configuration: A type : Supply 8 x 5.25"...
  • Page 4 Thermal Solution: One(1) 120x120mm Cooling Fan is installed, rear mounted Options of two (2) 60*60*25mm, rear mounted. Switches and LED Indicators on front panel Power Switch (Push Switch) Reset Button (Push Switch) Power On LED (Green) HDD LED (Orange flash) FAN ALARM (Red) LAN LED (Green/Flash) X 2 Power Fail LED [optional /reserved for Power Failure Signal]...
  • Page 5: Hardware Packing List

    2. Hardware Packing List When you unpack your YY-W2 Server Chassis, check that all the items that you ordered are present in good condition. Review the inventory checklist below to be sure that the components and optional components that you ordered are included. If anything is missing or damage, contact your retailer as soon as possible.
  • Page 6: System Installation

    3. System Installation 3.1 Chassis Open 3.2 Motherboard Installation connector on the Power Supply to Motherboard and insert the power switch connector properly. Finally, plug the IDE cable connector to IDE interface connector on the motherboard. In order to reduce the interference of cooling fans’ airflow, please adjust all cables to proper positions.
  • Page 7 3.3 PCI Add-on Card Installation 3.4 CDROM/HDD Installation - YY-W2 Server Chassis is designed to install drive peripherals by rails, it allow integrator to pre-assembly peripherals for fasten system assembly as module feed in. Remove the tail gate bracket, install PCI card into motherboard, and screw in bracket to rear window of chassis.
  • Page 8 To remove the front panel fist, the front panel is snap in chassis with hocks (or/and screw on by 4pcs screws), please screw off the screws and pull the front panel forward. To remove the metal covers (vented panel). Screw a pair of rails to drive. Slide in the drive install chassis.
  • Page 9 To screw off four (4) screws in the front plate of chassis, the HDD cage could be removed from chassis, install HDD into cage. The cooling fan of HDD cage could be easy swap, release two thumb screws in the front of HDD cage, lift off the fan holder, swap fan and assembly again into cage.
  • Page 10 3.6 Instructions for Switches and LED Indicators on front panel The switches and led indicators on front panel have the functions as following: POWER SW: Push Switch, The system power on/off, connects to M/B. Reset SW: Push switch, connect to M/B POWR LED: The system power LED (green), connect to M/B.
  • Page 11 3.7. Instructions for cooling fan assembly The chassis could be mounted optional two 60x60 cooling fans in rear mounted for strengthen the air flow by pass of Add-on Cards. 3.8 Rack Mount Sliding Rails Installation YY-W2 needs to use 24” rails (optional). Screw the rails to both sides of the chassis by two M4 screws.
  • Page 12 3.9 System Assembly When above steps are done, properly connect all accessories to the system. Then the user can start to install the O/S and required software to the system according to the instruction on the manual of Motherboard. Introduction of IDE/SCSI/SATA multi-bay backplane modules YY-W2 Server Chassis could be optional built with HDD multi-bay backplane raid modules.
  • Page 13 Type A+ SI-0357 x 1 Type A+ SI-0237 x 2 5. How to change versatile as Rackmount Chassis (5U) 1. To remove top cover and bottom cover of chassis. 2. Screw in rack bracket and handles ZZ17-W2001-B...
  • Page 14 3. Slide into EIA cabinet ZZ17-W2001-B...