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General Safety Precautions; Starting Safety; Fuel Safety - Husqvarna 125C Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer operator's manual
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Table of Contents

General safety precautions

S The machine is only designed for trimming
S The only accessories you can operate
with this engine unit are the cutting at-
tachments we recommend in the "Tech-
nical data" section.
S Never use wire, rope, string, etc.
S Never use the machine if you are tired, if
you have drunk alcohol, or if you are tak-
ing medication that could affect your vi-
sion, your judgment or your coordination.
S Never use the machine in extreme weath-
er conditions such as severe cold, very hot
and/or humid climates.
S Never use a machine that has been modi-
fied in any way from its original specifica-
S Wear personal protective equipment. See
instructions in the "Personal protective
equipment" section.
S Never use a machine that is faulty. Carry
out the checks, maintenance and service
instructions described in this manual.
Some maintenance and service measures
must be carried out by trained and quali-
fied specialists. See instructions in the
"Maintenance" section.
S All covers and guards must be fitted before
starting. Make sure the spark plug cap and
HT lead are not damaged. Otherwise you
could get an electric shock.
S The machine operator must ensure that no
people or animals come closer than 15
meters while working.
S Stay clear of spinning line.
S Secure or remove loose clothing or cloth-
ing with loosely hanging ties, straps, tas-
sels, etc. They can be caught in moving
S Being fully covered also helps protect you
from debris and pieces of toxic plants
thrown by spinning line.
S Keep handles free of oil and fuel.
S Always keep the engine on the right hand
side of your body.
S Hold the unit firmly with both hands.
S Keep trimmer head below waist level and
away from all parts of your body. Do not
raise engine above your waist.
S Keep all parts of your body away from
muffler and spinning line. Keep engine be-
low waist level. A hot muffler can cause
serious burns.
S Keep firm footing and balance. Do not
overreach or use from unstable surfaces
such as ladders, trees, steep slopes, roof-
tops, etc.
S Use only in daylight or good artificial light.
S Use only for jobs explained in this manual.
tachment may increase the risk of
started with the choke in either the
choke or start throttle positions the
cutting attachment will start to
rotate immediately.
S Ensure that all of the engine covers and
housings are properly fitted before the
trimmer is started.
S Never start or attempt to run the unit with
the clutch, clutch drum, clutch cover, or
driveshaft removed.
S Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust
fumes can be dangerous if inhaled.
S Observe your surroundings and make sure
that there is no risk of people or animals
coming into contact with the cutting equip-
S See the "Starting and Stopping" section for
complete instructions.

Fuel safety

S Always use a fuel container with an anti- -
spill valve.
S Never refuel the machine while the engine
is running.
S Always stop the engine and let it cool for a
few minutes before refueling.
S Make sure there is plenty of ventilation
when refueling or mixing fuel (gasoline and
2- -stroke oil).
S Move the machine at least 10 feet (3 me-
ters) from the refueling point before start-
ing it.
Min. 10 ft.
(3 m)
S Never start the machine:
S If you have spilled fuel on it. Wipe off
the spillage and allow remaining fuel to
S If you have spilled fuel on yourself or
your clothes, change your clothes. Wash
any part of your body that has come in
contact with fuel. Use soap and water.
A faulty cutting at-
When the engine is

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Table of Contents

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