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Husqvarna 125C Operator's Manual page 6

Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer operator's manual
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Throttle lock
S Make sure the throttle control is locked
at the idle setting when the throttle lock
is released.
S Press the throttle lock and make sure it
returns to its original position when you
release it.
S Check that the throttle control and
throttle lock move freely and that the
return springs work properly.
S See instructions under the section
"Start". Start the machine and apply full
throttle. Release the throttle and check
that the cutting attachment stops and re-
mains at a standstill. If the cutting attach-
ment rotates with the throttle in the idle
position then the carburetor idle setting
must be checked. See instructions under
the section "Maintenance".
Stop switch
S Start the engine and make sure the engine
stops when you push and hold the stop
Cutting attachment guard
S Ensure that the guard is undamaged and
is not cracked.
S Replace the guard if it has been exposed
to impact or is cracked.
S Always use the recommended guard for
the cutting attachment you are using. See
section on "Technical data".
S Never use a machine that has a faulty
S Regularly check that the muffler is securely
attached to the machine.
S The muffler on this unit is equipped with a
special spark arrestor mesh. The mesh
should be checked and, if necessary.
cleaned by a servicing dealer. A blocked
mesh will cause the machine to overheat,
which can lead to serious damage. Never
use a muffler with a defective spark arres-
tor mesh. See the Maintenance section.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents