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Maintenance Schedule - Husqvarna 125C Operator's Manual

Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer operator's manual
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The grease in the bevel gear does not nor-
mally need to be changed except if repairs
are carried out.

Maintenance schedule

Below you will find some general mainte-
nance instructions.
Daily maintenance
S Check throttle trigger and throttle trigger
lockout function.
S Check that the stop switch works
S Check that there are no fuel leaks from
the engine, tank or fuel lines.
S Check that the cutter does not rotate
when the engine is idling.
S Clean the outside of the machine.
S Check that the harness is not damaged.
S Check that the blade guard is not dam-
aged or cracked.
S Replace the blade guard if it is exposed to
impact or is cracked.
S A non- -balanced trimmer head induces
heavy vibrations that may damage the
S Check that nuts and screws are tight.
S Check that the screws that hold the bevel
gear are tight.
S Check that the trimmer head is tight.
Weekly maintenance
S Check the starter and starter cord.
S Clean the carburetor area.
S Clean the outside of the spark plug. Re-
move it and check the electrode gap. Ad-
just the gap to 0.024" (0.6 mm), or
replace the spark plug. Use resistor spark
plug Champion RCJ- -6Y or equivalent.
S Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder and
check that the air intake near the starter
is not blocked.
S Check that the bevel gear is filled with
grease up to 3/4 full. Use special grease.
S Clean the air filter.
Monthly maintenance
S Clean the fuel tank.
S Clean the outside of the carburetor and
the space around it.
S Clean the fan and the area around it.
S Check fuel lines for cracks or other dam-
age. Change if necessary.
S Change the fuel filter in fuel tank.
S Check the clutch, clutch springs and the
clutch drum for wear. Replace if neces-
S Check electrical wires and connections.
S Replace the spark plug. Use resistor
spark plug Champion RCJ- -6Y or equiva-
S Change the air filter.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents