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Mount The Camera - D-Link DCS-5020L Quick Install Manual

Pan & tilt day/night network camera cloud camera
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Please refer to the steps below to assist you with mounting the camera.
We suggest that you configure the camera before mounting.
1. Place the mounting bracket where you want to
position the camera and use a pencil to mark
the holes.
2. Depending on the material of the wall or ceiling,
use proper tools to drill two holes or screws
where you marked. If the wall is made out of
concrete, drill the holes first, then insert the
plastic anchors to support the screws.
3. The power and Ethernet cables can be
concealed behind the mounting bracket. Run
the cables through the back of the mounting
bracket, securing them with the built-in
guides. Be sure to leave enough cable length
protruding from the top to allow connection to
the camera.
4. Fasten the mounting bracket to the wall using
the screws provided.
5. Using the supplied thumbscrew, fasten the
camera to the mounting bracket. Connect the
power and Ethernet cables to the camera.
6. Adjust the angle of the arm on the mounting
bracket as required. Tighten the thumbscrew to
lock the arm in place.
Do not overtighten the screws as this may crack the bracket.

Mount the Camera


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