Installation Instructions; Step A - Install Water Supply Fittings; Step B - Make Tubing Connections - Whirlpool WHEUFF Installation And Operation Manual

Undersink full flow water filtration system
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Step A - Install Water Supply Fittings

Check and comply with local plumbing codes as you plan, then install the fittings to connect the
undersink filter into the sink's cold water supply line. Fittings (9/16-24 thread) and 3/8" O.D. tubing are
included to provide connections to and from the undersink filter's inlet and outlet. A typical connection
using the included water supply fittings is shown in Figure 3.
1. Close the sink's water shut off valve(s), or another shut off valve upstream from where you will
install the filter, and open faucets to relieve pressure from the sink's cold water supply line.
2. Locate the line connecting the cold water shutoff to the sink faucet. Typically this line will be a flexible
hose. Disconnect the nut that connects this line to the cold water shutoff. Use a bucket to catch water
that drains from this line.
3. Locate one piece of the supplied 3/8" tubing, plus the supplied compression nut, ferrule and tubing
insert (See Fig. 3). Assemble the parts onto the tube, as shown in Figure 3, and thread the compres-
sion nut onto the cold water shutoff. Tighten to provide a leak-tight connection.
4. Locate the water supply adaptor (supplied) and, using thread sealing tape, install it into the nut on the
supply line which you disconnected in Step 2. Refer to Figure 3.
5. Press the stem of the water supply adaptor into one end of the supplied union connector (See Figure
3). Be sure to push the stem all the way in.
3/8" tubing to
water filter
cold water shutoff

Step B - Make Tubing Connections

NOTE: Remove protective foam plugs before connecting tubes (See Fig. 4). Discard foam plugs.
1. Locate the piece of supplied 3/8" tubing not used previously. Route it between the union connector
and the filter system outlet (See Figures 2 & 3). Allowing some slack, measure and cut to length. Cut
the ends of the tubing square.
2. Insert tubing all the way into the union connector and filter system outlet. Pull on the tubing to be
sure that it's held firmly in the fittings.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to connect the tube installed on the cold water shutoff to the filter system inlet.
Tubing Connection (all push-in fitting locations):
This system includes push-in fittings for quick tubing connections. When working with the fittings, do the

Installation Instructions

filtered water faucet
use thread
sealing tape
on threads
cold water
flexible connection
to faucet
filter system assembly
use thread sealing
tape on threads
water supply
3/8" tubing from
water filter
FIG. 3
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents