Before You Start; Specifications & Dimensions - Whirlpool WHEUFF Installation And Operation Manual

Undersink full flow water filtration system
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Read all steps and guides carefully before installing and using your undersink full flow water filtration
system. Follow all steps exactly to correctly install. Reading this manual will also help you to get all
the benefits from the filtration system.
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfec-
tion before or after the system. This system is certified for cyst reduction and may be used on disin-
fected waters that may contain filterable cysts.
All plumbing should be done in accordance with local codes and requirements. In Massachusetts,
plumbing code 248 CMR 3.00 and 10.00 shall be adhered to. Consult with your licensed plumber.
The undersink full flow water filtration system works on water pressures of 30 psi (minimum) to 100 psi
(maximum). If your house water pressure is over the maximum, install a pressure reducing valve in
the water supply pipe to the filtration system.
Do not install the filtration system outside, or in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Temperature of the
water supply to the filtration system must be between 40°F and 100°F. Do not install on hot water.
Specifications & Dimensions
Supply Water Pressure Min. - Max.
Supply Water Temperature Min. - Max.
Rated Service Flow
Inlet - Outlet
Questions? Call Toll Free 1-866-986-3223
When you call, please be prepared to provide the model number and date code, found on the filter head.

Before You Start

2.0 gallons per minute (7.57 liters per minute)
3/8" quick connect fittings and tubing included
or visit
30 - 100 psi (207 - 689 kPa)
40 - 100 °F (4 - 38 °C)
Monday- Friday, 8 AM - 7 PM EST
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents