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Hardware; Air Filter; Hydraulic System; Deck Belt - Husqvarna 968999204 / iZ4218KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower operator's manual
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Check daily. Inspect the entire machine for
loose or missing hardware.

Air filter

See engine manufacturers specifications for
cleaning and replacement intervals.

Hydraulic system

Check oil level in tank daily. Oil level should be
3/4" to 1" below the top of the tank. Check all
fittings, hoses and lines for damage or leaks.
Replace or repair any questionable lines or
Change the oil and filter after the first 250 hours
of operation then annually after that. Drain tank
and remove filter, be sure to clean around the
tank and filter head before removal. Replace
filter and drain plug and refill hydraulic tank. Only
use MOBIL 1 synthetic oil. FIG - 14
Raise and block up the rear of the machine so
the drive wheels can rotate freely. Start the
engine at the lowest RPM possible, move the
motion control levers forward and run machine
for several minutes. Stop engine and recheck
the oil level.
If the wheels do not respond an air lock has
occurred within the system. The system must
be bled off of air or let the machine set overnight
to allow the air time to dissipate out of the oil.
DO NOT run the machine with an air lock
serious damage can occur to the pumps and
wheel motors.

Deck belt

Check every 75 to 100 hours of operation.
Check for severe cracking and large nicks.
NOTE: The belt will show some small cracks in
normal operation.
To replace belt lower the deck to its lowest
position. Remove the foot plate and belt shields.
Use a ratchet with a 9/16" socket on the spring
idler bolt to relieve the tension on the belt. Slide
the belt off of pulley and fully remove the belt.
Reverse the proceedure for installation. See the
decal on the top of deck for belt routing informa-
tion. FIG - 15. After installation is complete
check the belt for twists.
Tri-Synthetic Formula
FIG - 14
FIG - 15



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