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Park Brake Adj; Motion Control Lever Adj - Husqvarna 968999204 / iZ4218KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower operator's manual
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Park Brake Adjustment
1. Stop engine and remove key. Release park
brake and measure the length of the spring. The
distance between the washer on each end of
the spring should be 2-7/8". FIG - 7
2. If adjustment is needed, loosen the nut below
the spring. Then rotate nut to desired position so
the proper distance between the washers is
obtained. Check other side for proper adjust-
3. Engage the brake lever and measure the
distance between the trunnion pin and the collar
welded to the brake rod. Distance should be 3/
16" to 1/4". FIG - 7
4. If adjustment is needed, loosen the lock nut
directly below the yoke. Using a wrench, rotate
the rod by turning the double nuts using the nuts
below the yoke and the nut you just loosened, to
obtain the 3/16" to 1/4" distance. Tighten nut
against yoke and check other side for proper
Motion Control Linkage Adjustment
This adjustment must be made with the rear
wheels rotating. Raise the rear of the machine
and block it up so the wheels are free to rotate.
CAUTION: Keep hands, feet and clothing
away from rotating tires.
Tilt seat forward and remove the seat rod so the
seat may rotate forward onto the frame.
Place a 2x4 board between the foot plate and
the center of the seat to engage the seat safety
Loosen the nuts directly behind each ball joint
on both rods that connect the pump arm to the
motion control assemblies. FIG - 8
Start the engine. The park brake must be en-
gaged and the motion control levers in the
neutral slots to start the engine. Run the engine
approximately half throttle
Release park brake to allow the wheels to
Begin with either side and put the motion control
lever into the neutral position. Adjust the motion
control linkage by rotating the double nuts in the
proper direction until the wheel stops rotating.
FIG - 8 Move the motion control lever forward
then into the neutral position and place it into the
neutral slot. The wheel must be stopped com-
pletely at this point. Now do the same in reverse
and release the lever. The lever should return to
neutral on its own. If not see reverse spring
detent adjustment.
Loosen Here
(Lt. Hand Thds.)
FIG - 7
Turn Here
To Adjust
Loosen Here
FIG - 8



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