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Operating Instructions; Starting And Operation; Controls - Husqvarna 968999204 / iZ4218KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower operator's manual
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Run engine full throttle to make sure wheels do
not rotate. Readjust if any rotation occurs.
Repeat the whole process for the opposite side
and tighten the nuts against the ball joints.
Turn machine off.
Reinstall the seat rod and check the wiring
harness to the seat safety switch for a good
connection and return the seat to the normal
Operating instructions

Starting and operation

Operator must be sitting in the seat. Engage the
park brake, blades disengaged and the motion
control levers in the neutral slots.
Set choke (if needed) turn key and release as
soon as engine starts. Adjust throttle to half and
shut choke off.
Release parking brake.
Close motion control levers.
Engage blades and set RPM to maximum.
CAUTION: Be sure all persons are clear of the
area before engaging blades.


Be familiar with all controls their function and
how to operate them before starting the ma-
Motion control levers on each side of the con-
sole control the direction of movement. See
page 7. The left lever controls the flow of oil
from the left hydro pump to the left wheel motor.
The right lever controls the flow of oil from the
right hydro pump to the right wheel motor.
NOTE: To begin motion the operator must be in
the seat and the parking brake disengaged
Motion Control Lever Pattern
before the motion control levers can be moved
(Right Side)
from the neutral slots or the engine will kill.
FIG - 9
FIG - 9



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