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Maintenance; Engine Oil; Mower Blades; Safety Interlock System - Husqvarna 968999204 / iZ4218KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower operator's manual
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Fuel shut off valve is located at the right rear of
the seat. The valve has three positions a right
tank, left tank and center is the off position. FIG -
12. NOTE: EFI models the left position is the off
Pump release valves located at the right front
corner of the pumps. Used to release the
system so the machine may be moved by hand
when not running. Tilt seat forward to gain
access to the pumps. Use a 5/8" wrench to
open valve. NOTE: Only rotate valve 1/4 turn to
release system.


WARNING: No settings, adjustments or
maintenance is to be made unless: Engine
is stopped, key has been removed, park
brake is on and battery cable removed from
Annual inspection and maintenance from an
authorized Husqvarna dealer is recommended
to keep your machine in the best condition
mechanically and ensures safe operation.

Engine oil

Should be checked daily before starting the
machine. See the engine manufacturers manual
for specifications on type of oil, filling instruc-
tions and service intervals. FIG - 13

Mower blades

Inspect blades and sharpen or replace as
needed. Check blades daily or as needed. Bent,
cracked or blades with large notches in them
should be replaced. Sharpen to an angle of 22
to 28 degrees. Always check the balance of the
blades after sharpening to prevent excessive

Safety interlock system

Check daily and never operate the machine if
the system is not functioning properly. The
starter should crank only when the operator is
in the seat, the parking brake is applied, blade
switch off and the motion control levers in the
neutral slots. If the machine starts with any of
these controls in an operating position, turn the
machine off an repair the system immediately.
FIG - 12
"F" Full
FIG - 13
Fuel Valve



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