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Safety Instructions; General Use And Saftey Rules - Husqvarna 968999204 / iZ4218KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna lawn mower operator's manual
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This cutting machine is capable of amputat-
ing hands and feet and throwing objects.
Failure to observe the following safety
instructions could result in serious injury or
death. FIG - 1
General use and safety rules:
Read , understand and follow all instructions in
the manual and on the machine before start-
FIG - 1
Make yourself familiar with the controls and
how to stop quickly.
Only allow adults who are familiar with the
instructions and the machine to operate it.
The use of PPE's such as (but not limited to)
protection for the eyes, ears, feet and head is
Never use the machine barefoot or with open
toed shoes. Wear substantial footwear and
long pants.
Never wear loose fitting clothes which can
catch in rotating or moving parts.
Clear the area of objects such as rocks,
stones, toys, wire etc., which could be picked
up and thrown by the blades.
Be sure the area is clear of all people and pets
before mowing. Stop the machine if anyone
enters the area.
Never carry passengers.
Do not cut in reverse unless absolutely neces-
Always look down and behind before and
during reversing.
Be aware of the mower discharge direction and
do not direct it towards anyone.



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