Key To Symbols; Symbols On The Machine; Symbols In The Operator's Manual - Husqvarna 1152417-30 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna electric stand drill operator's manual
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Symbols on the machine:

WARNING! The machine can be a
dangerous tool if used incorrectly or
carelessly, which can cause serious or fatal
injury to the operator or others.
Please read the operator's manual carefully
and make sure you understand the
instructions before using the machine.
Always wear:
Approved protective helmet
Approved hearing protection
Protective goggles or a visor
Breathing mask
This product is in accordance with
applicable EC directives.
Environmental marking. Symbols on the
product or its packaging indicate that this
product cannot be handled as domestic
waste. It must instead be submitted to an
appropriate recycling station for the recovery
of electrical and electronic equipment.
By ensuring that this product is taken care of
correctly, you can help to counteract the
potential negative impact on the environment and people that
can otherwise result through the incorrect waste
management of this product.
For more detailed information about recycling this product,
contact your municipality, your domestic waste service or the
shop from where you purchased the product.
Ensure that water cannot leak into the
machine when drilling in the ceiling.
Use an appropriate water collector.
Other symbols/decals on the
machine refer to special
certification requirements for certain markets.
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Symbols in the operator's manual:

Inspection and/or maintenance should
be carried out with the motor switched
off and the plug disconnected.
Always wear approved protective
Regular cleaning is required.
Visual check.
Protective goggles or a visor must be


Table of Contents

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