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Mitsubishi Electric PEH-RP200MYA Technical & Service Manual page 30

Air-cooled split-type packaged air conditioners
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2. Outdoor unit
(1) Check Items
• After installation of indoor and outdoor units,and piping and electric wiring work,check that the unit is free from leaks
of refrigerant,loosened connections,and incorrect polarity.
• Check that there is no negative phase and open phase. (The F1 message for negative phase and the F2 message
for open phase will flash at LED 1 on the outdoor substrate. If this happens,rewire correctly.)
• Measure the impedance between power terminals (Single phase: L, N,
ground with a 500 V Megger and check that it is 1.0 M or more. Do not operate the equipment if measurement is
less than 1.0 M. *Never conduct this operation on the outdoor connection wiring terminals (S1, S2, S3) as this
causes damage.
• When there is no error at the outdoor unit. (If there is an error at the outdoor unit, it can be evaluated at LED 1 [digital
display] of the outdoor substrate.)
• The stop valves are open both the liquid and gas sides.
After checking the above, execute the test run in accordance with the following.
(2) Test run start and finish
• Operation from the indoor unit
Execute the test run using the installation manual for the indoor unit.
• Operation from the outdoor unit
Execute settings for test run start,finish and operation mode (cooling, heating) using the DIP switch SW 4 on the
outdoor substrate.
< SW4 >
a) Set the operation mode (cooling, heating) using SW 4-2
b) Turn ON SW 4-1, The operation mode for SW 4-2 will be adhered to, and the test run will commence
c) Turn OFF SW 4-1 to finish the test run
• There may be a faint knocking noise emitted from the proximity of the fan during the test run. This is torque
fluctuation occurring due to control of fan revolutions. There is no problem with the product.
The SW 4-2 operation mode cannot be changed during the test run. (To change test run mode, stop the equipment
with SW 4-1, change the operation mode, then restart test run with SW 4-1.)
• If the 2-hour timer is set,the test run will stop automatically after 2 hours.
• During the test run,the room temperature display on the indoor unit will indicate the temperature of the indoor unit
A Stop
B Cooling
C Operation
D Heating
- 28 -
/triple phase: L1, L2, L3, N,
) and the



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