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Remote Controller Diagnosis - Mitsubishi Electric PEH-RP200MYA Technical & Service Manual

Air-cooled split-type packaged air conditioners
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Remote controller diagnosis

If operation cannot be carried out from the remote controller, use this function to diagnose the remote controller.
1 First check the power mark.
When normal voltage (DC12V) is not applied to the remote
controller, the powermark goes off.
When the power mark is off, check the remote controller
wiring and the indoor unit.
2 Switch to the remote controller check mode.
When the H [CHECK] button is held down for five
seconds or longer, the display shown below appears.
3 Remote controller check result
When remote controller is normal
Since there is no problem at the remote controller, check
for other causes .
When the problem is other than the checked remote controller
(Error code 2) "E3" "6833" "6832" flash
There is noise on the transmission line, or the indoor unit or
another remote con troller is faulty. Check the transmission
line and the other remote controllers.
4 Remote controller check reset
When the H [CHECK] button is held down for five seconds or longer, remote controller check resets and the
"PLEASE WAIT" and RUN lamp flash. Approximately 30 seconds later, the remote controller returns to the state before
remote controller check.
When the A [FILTER] button is pressed, remote controller
check begins.
(Error display 1) "NG" flashes
Remote controller switching is necessary.
Cannot send
(Error display 3) "ERC" and data error count are displayed
"Data error count" is the difference between the number of bits of
remote controller send data and the number of bits actually sent
by the noise, etc. Check the transmission line.
- 30 -
Power mark
When remote controller is faulty
Data error generation
to the transmission line . In this case, the send data was disturbed
When data error count is 02
Remote controller send data
Send data on transmission line
Remote controller send/receive
circuit abnormal



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