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Safety Precaution - Mitsubishi Electric PEH-RP200MYA Technical & Service Manual

Air-cooled split-type packaged air conditioners
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Cautions for units utilizing refrigerant R410A or R407C
Use new refrigerant pipes.
In case of using the existing pipes for R22, be careful with
the followings.
· Change flare nut to the one provided with this product.
Use a newly flared pipe.
· Avoid using thin pipes.
Keep the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes
clean and free of such contaminants as sulfur,
oxides, dust, dirt, shaving particles, oil, and
In addition, use pipes with specified thickness.
These types of contaminants inside the refrigerant pipes
may cause the refrigerant oil to deteriorate.
Store the pipes to be installed indoors, and keep
both ends of the pipes sealed until immediately
before brazing. (Keep elbows and other joints
wrapped in plastic.)
Infiltration of dust, dirt, or water into the refrigerant system
may cause the refrigerating machine oil to deteriorate or
cause the unit to malfunction.
Use a small amount of ester oil, ether oil, or
alkylbenzene to coat flares and flanges.
Infiltration of a large amount of mineral oil may cause the
refrigerating machine oil to deteriorate.
Charge liquid refrigerant (as opposed to gaseous
refrigerant) into the system.
If gaseous refrigerant is charged into the system, the
composition of the refrigerant in the cylinder will change
and may result in performance loss.
[1] Cautions for service
(1) Perform service after collecting the refrigerant left in unit completely.
(2) Do not release refrigerant in the air.
(3) After completing service, charge the cycle with specified amount of refrigerant.
(4) When performing service, install a filter drier simultaneously.
Be sure to use a filter drier for new refrigerant.
[2] Additional refrigerant charge
When charging directly from cylinder
· Check that cylinder for R410A or R407C on the market is syphon type.
· Charging should be performed with the cylinder of syphon stood vertically. (Refrigerant is charged from liquid phase.)
Do not use refrigerant other than R410A or
If other refrigerant (R22 etc.) is used, chlorine in refrige-
rant can cause deterioration of refrigerant oil etc.
Use a vacuum pump with a reverse-flow check
If a vacuum pump that is not equipped with a reverse-flow
check valve is used, the vacuum pump oil may flow into
the refrigerant cycle and cause the refrigerating machine
oil to deteriorate.
Prepare a set of tools for exclusive use with R407C
and another set for exclusive use with R410A.
The following tools are necessary to use R410A or R407C
Tools for R410A or R407C
Gauge manifold
Charge hose
Gas leak detector
Torque wrench
Exercise special care when handling the tools for
use with R407C.
Infiltration of dust, dirt, or water into the refrigerant system
may cause the refrigerating machine oil to deteriorate.
Do not use a charging cylinder.
If a charging cylinder is used, the composition of the
refrigerant will change, and the unit may experience power
Ventilate the room if refrigerant leaks during
operation. If refrigerant comes into contact with
a flame, poisonous gases will be released.
- 1 -
Flare tool
Size adjustment gauge
Vacuum pump adaptor
Electronic refrigerant
charging scale



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